CompuScholar, Inc. ~ Review

I am not very tech savvy. My oldest son however is very interested in coding, web design, java and a host of other things that make no s sense to me at all. So I was thrilled to meet CompuScholar, Inc. which teaches students computer programming and web design using hands-on, internet-based programs.  There is even a Digital Savvy course, designed to teach students about computer basics and web safety. My son had the opportunity to review the Web Design course. And because I have really been wanting to design a website myself one day, I am eager to give this one a whirl for myself.  My oldest son says that if this program can help me understand something, its a miracle! haha



My oldest son nothing ago began to record videos and has his own (private) YouTube channel where he showcases a variety of topics from Bible study to magic tricks, Chinese and French.  Needless to say this and a couple free coding programs he has taken part in this past summer got him really interested in web site design.  I admit too, I am eager to see him develop this skill so perhaps he can teach his momma a thing or two – maybe even build me a little website one day. 🙂



As much as I dislike technology and really strive to minimize my kids screen time on a daily basis, I also understand that there is so much that can be gained from learning and using technology in the “right” way. We have really been struggling to find something that works, to relight that love of learning in our oldest son, so much of what he has been doing lately has been focused mostly on where his own interests lie. It’s a struggle for this momma who is a bit of a control freak, but I am hopeful that allowing him time to follow his own interests will inspire him in future learning.



This course is amazing! The KidCoder Web Design course teaches students everything they need to know from the very basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all the way through to them creating their very own web page!


  • Website tools and Languages
  • Text Styles
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • Hyperlinks
  • Navigation Bars
  • Embedded Audio & Video
  • CSS effects, spacing, positioning
  • Editing Images and Graphics



Each lesson starts out with a teaching video, text lesson  (we appreciate being able to print the pdf’s to read offline) and then a quiz to reinforce what was just learned. Within these lessons there are also activities to complete; these are all a part of building a website.  One step at a time. The exams are all self graded and the students can review their answers to see the correct answer as needed which I really like. They can also retake the quiz if need be (quizzes can be attempted three times).



This program is meant to be used as a 36 week course; you can see more details as well as pricing, a course syllabus, state standards  and system requirements for the Web Design course.  One really nice thing about this course is that instruction is given within the lessons for both Windows and Apple. Since we have both, it’s nice to know how to do this one either system.  By the end of this course, two websites will have been created, one if CSS and the other in HTML. If you are anything like me you will be amazed as you watch what seems like nothing, turn into something truly amazing!




I have to mention too, the area they have for the Teacher”. This is a wonderful resource for mommas like me who don’t understand what is being taught, who worry that our kids aren’t getting anything out of it, for adding siblings to a course and getting help if need be. I love this area because I can see exactly what is being worked on. I can also download and see videos that help me to get a basic overview of exactly what is being learned in each lesson. This is a great help to me since I don’t really have the time in this season, to sit and do every lesson with my oldest son and he often works quickly, sometimes doing multiple lessons in a week, so that I need a way to “catch up:”.





My oldest son said this was lots of fun and a whole lot easier than other things he had found and used (and he has googled and attempted a ton of different things relating to web design and coding). He had a great time making his website (somehow he deleted it so we are starting over now!). When I asked him what he liked best he told me that even though there were lots of things that he was really confused about  the videos and lessons in this course really broke things down so it was super easy to understand even the really complicated stuff. He is still working through this one and plans to really work hard on designing his website with this program but slower so that he doesn’t accidentally undo anything this time. If only all of the things we are learning could be this fun and inspiring.





Maybe you aren’t interested in Web Design? That’s okay, they offer classes for Java Programming and Digital Savvy too. Whatever your needs are when it comes to technology, this one is definitely a winner!!




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