Small isn’t Always Small

I have been in a place of discontentment lately. Wishing for greater things; being frustrated with what I see as “less”.




It’s about humility. Having a heart that is eager and willing to serve others.


When we are faithful we remember that those small acts done in obedience to God, often have the greatest effects. Even when we cannot see the results ourselves.


His word will not return void. We need to remember and hold on to that great truth!


Instead of leaning on and trusting God in this season of my life, I have murmured and complained.  Seeing “burdens” instead of blessings.


I recognize, in this trial I am in, that I need to remember how great “small” really is when it comes to the Lord and His kingdom.




What is our motivation? In all things we do and seek to do, are we seeking glory for our self or for God? Sometimes we need to let go of that “great” thing we see, and reach for that “little” thing the Lord has set before us.





As I read this morning, I was reminded that sometimes we feel alone. We feel like we aren’t doing anything, we aren’t doing enough, for His kingdom. Abraham was called out, ALONE. Jonah went out, ALONE. Most of the great saints, they walked alone. We aren’t meant to always be alone but we do need know how, and to have faith enough, to stand alone sometimes.




Even when it seems no good. Even when we are restless within ourselves. All those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we make; all those clothes we fold day and night. They seem meaningless and trivial to us, but to God, we are doing this to serve and grow others for eternity. IF we are doing these things with love and with a desire to serve.



Let us love what we are doing. No matter what it may be let us simply take joy in the opportunity God has given us to serve another,


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