Joy is Found

I have been searching quite a bit as of late. Searching for answers; seeking a deeper understanding. Not just of the Word but of my purpose, His plan. There have been days full of feelings of trouble, and anxiety. Moments where I have felt so far removed from the Lord. Certainly this dreary weather, a lack of sunshine and warmth, it does wear on a soul. Especially is we are not keeping our eyes fixed on what they ought to be fixed on. We feel restless (okay, I do anyway) and begin to wander here and there, perhaps looking for a bit of something other than the Lord. And then…




There is only one place we can truly find joy and peace. There is only one way to truly ever be satisfied. When we are searching elsewhere we are bound to feel depressed, anxious, hopeless….When we struggle with our children, perhaps our routine grows old, we have financial battles, things around the house build up – It seems we never have enough of what we need to do all that “must” be done.


Yet “In His presence is fullness of joy.”


If we can just step back from it all; take a break from worrying; when we place our burdens at His feet, when we focus on those things we can be thankful for instead of those things that drain and weary us, we can declare with power, that the Lord is our strength. Because thankfulness and joy are close friends. You cannot have one without the other.



Let the joy of the Lord fill you, let it overflow with you. Allow it to bring light into those dark places; discouragement and anxiety, worry and fear these must flee when we spend time in His presence. When we worship and praise the only One who matters.



I know that I have a goodly heritage; the Lord gives counsel to me. I set Him before and I shall not be moved but shall have a heart that is glad and flesh that rests in hope. He will not leave me nor forsake me. How I love the Lord and the path of life He sets before me.




It is at His right hand there are truly pleasures. Forever more.




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