Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 ~ Review

I love puzzles.  My kids love puzzles. But we have a small house and only so much space. This is such a great activity for ourselves and our kids; a fabulous way to exercise our critical thinking abilities, have some fun together and be inspired at the same time.



That said we were all really excited about the chance to use the Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316, since this was something we could all enjoy!



What fun this game is too! It is a free game, available for Apple and Android; you can also play on Facebook. Every day there is a new puzzle to complete; each one is an amazingly beautiful image with an inspiring verse of scripture. You can even share the completed puzzle image with friends on Facebook.





You can also purchase coins so that you have the option of playing past puzzles on the calendar. If you struggle with any of the puzzles you can use these coins too, to help you complete the puzzles a bit faster. You can earn extra coins the quicker you complete these puzzles! Of course as I worked on these puzzles speed was never something I was going for (too many little hands working with me). We were given 500 coins for this review 🙂




I admit that every time I sat down to do a puzzle, my son (7 years old) came and stole the iPad away from me. haha


He just loved this;  my daughter too (she is 5). It is especially nice for these younger ones that there are tools available to help them along (I think I used them a few times myself!).  There is one that rotates the pieces for you; a magnet that attaches two random pieces together. There is a sweeper too that moves the pieces off of the main board and one that moves the edge pieces to help you complete the frame (or the middle) a bit more easily. I know my son liked to work inside out himself.f. I prefer doing the frame and then filling in after. 🙂


These tools do cost money to use; when you are stuck though it certainly helps to have a”helping hand.”





They also have a tool that is guide; it will show you what the image is when it is completed. Sometimes it can help to see it as a while right? I don’t think we ever used this one. But I know when we are doing puzzles together at the table, it can be a bit help to see what the finished product will be.



My daughter’s favorite part of this game was reading the scriptures which care on each puzzle. She is just starting to really learn how to read! She also loved the “pretty flowers and cute puppies, and kitties” that were on so many of the images. My kids just love animals!


I have to say I am not one for playing games online; my kids really enjoy it but I try to limit how much and what they spend their time on. While I still did limit the amount of time they spent on this one (because I admit, I got a bit into it myself) I loved how it encouraged my son and daughter to read the message on the completed puzzle. And this was something that I knew was in no way going to guide them astray.





This really has been a fun game that we have all enjoyed together. I was quite pleased to see something like that that my kids were able to do together. Without fighting (for the most part)! It helped encourage them to work together; think differently and for my younger ones, exercised their reading abilities. At the same time, in a way where they didn’t really realize that they were doing any learning at all. I can definitely recommend this for those who are looking for a fun, inspiring and uplifting game for themselves or their kids.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Planet316/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/planet_316  @planet_316 


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