I Need a New Thing

For many years Bible Quizzing has been, the thing we do, in our family.

This past year though I have begun to see how I need a new “thing”.

Please hear me…I am not speaking against Bible Quizzing itself.

I believe this is a wonderful way for our children to learn and hide the Word of God in their hearts.


But what happens when quizzing becomes our thing….

Not Bible….then quizzing…but quizzing…then Bible?

It can happen!

We can become so wrapped up in learning the Word we forget to love the Word.

it can become something so routine, we lose the desire, we lose the joy.

It is just one more thing we “have to do” each day.

And that is a bad place to be in.

How I love thy law! So says the Psalmist.

We need that desire

Is the Word like a fire shut up in our bones?

Are we hungry for more?

Are we content or discontented with what we have been so blessed to receive?


Can we say that same thing the Psalmist said?

Oh, how I love thy law?

Do we truly mean it?

We are told we will have great peace when we love Hs law.

Naturally, when we lose that love for His law…we also lose our peace.

How important it is for us to hard ourselves.

Our hearts and our minds.

We cannot afford to get lost. In all things, may we decrease so that He may increase.

Whatever we do, let it be out of a love for God alone.

Let us seek to be holy, as He is holy.

Strive to be blameless before Him.

And in all things may we grow in love for Him and for the body.

More and more.

We are Bible Quizzers.

We will always be Bible Quizzers.

And as we learn these precious Words God has given unto us

We will focus not on the quizzing but on the Bible.

Eyes on what is eternal. ❤


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