The Secret Bridge ~ Crew Review

We absolutely LOVE the books we have from Lamplighter Publishing! So as you can imagine we were all more than happy to review The Secret Bridge when we were given the chance. If you do not know about this amazing company, you have got to get to know them. Started in 1994 by Mark Hamby this is a treasure trove of good, virtuous, Christian literature that all ages can enjoy. They have over one hundred titles to choose from … I need a bigger house! 🙂



One of the things that makes me really love this company so much, is the care that they put into their books. Every story they publish is carefully reviewed and edited to ensure that there is a Biblical framework present. Biblical truths are woven within to every page, reflecting God’s character and teaching those important and valuable virtues of character. Hope, love, mercy, justice, kindness.




Isn’t this the most beautiful thing ever? I love books!

I especially love them when you can see the care put into the creation of them.

I mean, I was so excited (even my husband who isn’t really a reader commented on this one). It’s beautiful, it feels and smells…..DO I sound crazy? LOL


When we begin reading, we meet Bridget Channing, a young woman with nothing. No money, no family, no friends. Nothing. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect broken vessel?


We see strength within this young woman, who travels to England. We experience and feel her struggles; we applaud her perseverance and we become hopeful, excited for her when she meets Godfrey Bullingham. This stranger (do we notice) he shows ” kindly interest in others” (as we ought to also).  He is kind, humorous, honest and trustwothy. We know he is a good man. We were not made to be alone but woman was made for man and man was made for woman. Are we not to be known for the love we have one for another? Are we not called for those in need? To joyfully and willingly lend a hand.





Each day I strive to have time where we read aloud. Sometimes I read to them, other times my older boys who are 7 and 11, will read to us. Many days we all just read together; a page or a paragraph, sharing the story and fun of reading as a family. My girls, who are 2 and 5, curl up next to us and listen (sometimes acting the story out with their baby dolls).



Honestly, this is one of those books that you could read again and again. You could study this one. Use it to show yourself approved. Because the characters, the wisdom, it can all be found within the Word of God. To study, reading beyond the story, making ourselves into souls that are so warm and kindly affectioned towards one another. Let us read and become more like Christ!


This very thing has been so powerfully on my heart and mind; this story further reminded me of the need to know Him. Really know Him. Taking the time to to learn of Him, to love Him more. Shall we willingly, eagerly, patiently wait on our bridegroom? Far too often do we not rush into things? Do we not sometimes believe that we know enough? It is good for us to always remember how priceless love truly is. Does our character preach to others, God’s goodness and love?


While this was written by Amy Le Feuvre in 1899, this is one of those stories that we can all relate to today. Full of challenges, examples of humility, serving and loving one another and being patient as we wait…Certainly these are lessons, and skills, every one of us needs and ought to exercise daily alongside sweet Bridget. This story is a precious reminder of how important it is for us to “Aquaint ourselves with Him”.


Read together, read alone, but real slowly.


Enjoy and savor the words: hymns and scriptues, poetry within the pages. All powrfully, yet gently, reminding us of our one true love. Let us long for and love more!



I do so love being able to support and use materials from a place that has a mission like our own: “To make people prepared for the Lord, buildng Christ like character, one story at a time.”  ❤


Please do not miss out on all of the goodness and beauty that is here!

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

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