What’s Missing? 

I tend to be one of those people who is obsessed with having everything in order. 

I like things to be planned out in advance.

I do not like surprises and doing things in the moment really stresses me out.

Its funny I admit because with four kids it really is impossible. And shouldn’t I know that by now? Lol

And yet I continue to set myself up each day.
And then when things go the way they always do I get mad.
So as I was reading this afternoon I found such a truth within the pages of the book and I just had to share:
“I had to admit to myself that there really wasn’t all that much to get worked up about. With some better planning many of the little problems could be avoided. What stared back at me was the fact that I had come to love so much having all of my ducks in a row everything organized and it just so that I was willing to get all bent out of shape when perfect didn’t happen. I had to ask myself did Jesus suffer die on the cross and rose again so I could have a Flawless organized picture perfect life with no bumps? Taking on stress in a million small ways I allowed stress to narrow my vision to a very small world one word I got to be in command. Jesus came to bring Salvation to a vast world of Sinners caught in the chains of addiction to self and here I was all an emotional despair because one of my children didn’t wear good shoes and comb his hair. My heart’s Focus was off the riches and fullness of Christ and settled onto the temporary.” (Pitching A Fit, Israel & Brook Wayne)

I think of the glass of water that got spilled. How bent out of shape I was having to pick up ice cubes and mop up the water from off the kitchen floor….the hot dog the dog got to eat when my little one just couldn’t sit still at the table….the mess in our downstairs bedroom which was really just a sign  of our kids joyfully playing and creating together.

How many times does something so small get blown up? That little mole hill isn’t the mountain until we choose to make it so. We take something so simple and shake it around and turn it upside down. We are the ones who make the mess. 

It’s about our perspective. It’s about knowing what matters most. Our house may not be neat and tidy and perfectly organized but it is a place where we are learning and creating and growing. It is a warm place. It is a place that is real. A place that lives and breathes sometimes quite loudly.

How often do we allow stress and anger to overtake us? How often do we overreact and forget to see the blessings where at first glance there seem to be none…

Life isn’t meant to be easy. I am the first person to admit that I will do whatever I can to avoid any stressful and chaotic situations.  I will plan things months in advance so I know what each day has in store for me. Get along, those curveballs and suddenly life is full of everything that I wasn’t expecting. 
How many times are we reminded in the scripture to fear not. How often are we told that if we just keep our eyes on Jesus and Trust his plan it will all be okay. We will have peace because his burden is light and he gives Grace and strength whenever we need it. 

I think of how easy it is to slip into that spirit of fear. How easy it is to forget to fan into flames the gift of God. God gave us the spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. How important it is for us to respond with prayer and to turn our eyes upon Jesus.


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