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Why We Can’t Break?

It isn’t often that we take breaks when it comes to our home learning. It isn’t just because my oldest son needs the constant structure and consistency either. So often I feel like I need a break. From the work; from the trials that come with training my children for the Lord. And then I remember….



It’s so easy to forget that there is more to this life than “right now”.  That struggle; the rebellious one or the overly emotional little girl – stubbornness, sweetness, trials and tribulations and feeling like we are doing this again? Really one more time? Some days I want to scream. I really do.


But I strive to remember: every one of my children is fearfully and wonderfully made.

God has designed them each for a purpose; a unique purpose.

My purpose and design is not their purpose and design.


My oldest son who lately is so rebellious, a trouble maker at times; drawn to things that he “should not engage in” as he tests the waters; seeks the forbidden fruit (if you will) and struggles to get his feet in a place where he feels he “belongs”. I think of Paul – such an amazing man of God and yet – He was a killer of those of the faith. In the beginning – His life was never perfect. His list of transgressions…… ( every one of us has our own list)


We cannot take a break because, this is life. We cannot break from life. We train up those children momma; every moment of every day. We cannot quit. We cannot take a break because…What does that tell our children?

They are not work. They feel like work some days but isn’t that just because we are listening to the wrong voice?

The voice that tells us are kids are never going to get it right; the voice tells us we are just messing these kids up .. That’s not God’s voice. It is not the voice we ought to be listening to.


We need to hear the voice that reminds us that training is a continual process- anyone or anything being trained takes time and persistence and patience.


Where we are when we begin and where we are at the end, that end which we have endured to, shall look so very different that we often imagine it to be.


Some days I think of my oldest son lately and I cannot imagine where he might be.


So stubborn and hard headed. Quick tempered; lots to say without really thinking about what he is trying to say. 🙂


Can I see though how all of these things can make him someone God can greatly use? As a witness, as a preacher, as a worshipper?


So we don’t take breaks. We don’t ever quit. We don’t try either.


We joyfully shall endure this day and the ones to come, remembering and trusting in the Lord. Knowing that each one of our children is precious in His sight (in my sight too!) and being enamored with who they are designed to be.


Have a beautiful week! ❤

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