When the Dirt Shows

We have had some perfectly lovely day here in Wisconsin as of late. It is definitely a nice and welcome change. But with it I begin to see lots of dirt. 

Muddy Footprints through the house. Sand everywhere….
Unfortunately all the and the need for extra cleaning sometimes makes me a crazy mom. A cranky mom. And these are not any of the fruits of the spirit.

As it gets nicer out and as I have to cajole my children more can get some stuff done ( are you around home educators you know) I feel more pressure. A bit more anxiety and a bit more worried.

I forget kids learn by play. I forget brothers and sisters fight and need to learn sometimes how to work things out themselves. I forget that sometimes we just have to stop and be still.

I’ve been struggling for a while now to figure out how to move forward next. Now that my littlest one is not so little and is very mobile and active I need to switch gears. I need a way for us to all be learning together. 

So much to ponder. Our oldest has some sensory processing issues. It explains a lot as to why he always needs to have so much noise and why he is so drawn to screens and constant movement. How do I go about making our home a place where he can get enough stimulation and also be able to quiet himself enough to learn without driving us all crazy too? Lol

And again I think of all the dirt. I think of important it is for us to see the dirt. If I am totally honest I don’t always clean our floors until I can see something gross on them. Don’t get me wrong I try to keep a clean house but with four kids and 2 dogs and the fact that we are always around the home it certainly isn’t easy and so through the years I have resigned myself to the fact that our home is lived in and loved on.

But dirt… we don’t always see it I’m so sometimes we think it’s not fair. Sometimes we need all that dirt to show us what needs to get really clean. The same can be said of our spiritual life. 

This time of year as I stress and as I fuss… my temper is somewhat shorter, I admit I have been yelling a lot more. This is Mike Derrick and if the impatience and the weariness and the frustration doesn’t come I wish we can be seen perhaps I will never truly be clean. 
I think of fire. I can actually smell our fire pit smoldering right now. SO2 can those things in our life that need to be removed all the way if we are willing to go through the fire.

We need those rivers of Living Water. We need them to wash over us. We need them to cover us completely so that when the waters go down we come out clean.

My grandmother used to say the cleanliness is next to Godliness. But I never really believed that. I never once saw them go to church and the one Bible they had was in a drawer, in a dresser, in a room no one ever used.

Yet even so I think of how God tells us that we cannot enter into his kingdom if we do not first put on holiness. He is Holy so shouldn’t we be also? Let us eat early put on those garments of righteousness and mercy and truth! 


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