Every Day

This morning was a rough morning.

I was so excited because I woke up and got downstairs to begin prayer and bible study and all my children were still in bed. I was sure this is going to be the best day ever! ( note some sarcasm in that statement).
Then I heard the yelling. And then it stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief and decided it was better to just go back to studying.

About that time my oldest son came downstairs and plopped in front of the computer. I reminded him that if he was going to sit there he needed to do some learning.
Once I finish my Bible study and realized that the three little ones are still in bed I decided it was going to take one of those nice hot luxurious showers. Alone. What a treat!


My shower was cut short though by blood-curdling screams which I learned when I rushed out of the shower or my older daughter and my older son fighting over breakfast food. (Big sigh)


At the same time I looked over to see both my laptop and my Bible swimming in a pool of coffee. My daughter had knocked over my coffee cup while she was fighting over breakfast with her brother. And here it’s all just sitting soaking in the coffee.



I didn’t yell. I didn’t scream. I’m so proud of myself. Instead I told my two children to go get towels and clean up the mess on the table and the floor underneath. I move my Bible and my computer so that I could drive them as best as possible and I advised the children to sit down at the table when they were done cleaning up their mess.
I took a deep breath and then I began to sing words that only God could have put in my mind at this moment.





” Everyday With You Lord is sweeter than the day before….” 

I had to laugh a bit because everyday really is sweeter than the day before. If for no other reason than because tomorrow is never promised to us. Each gift and every trial is a gift of God.



In every situation let us lay our burdens down at his feet and trust in him and walk Faithfully declaring that everyday is sweeter because of Jesus.




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