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My sweet little daughter has recently decided that she really wants to learn how to read and write like her brothers. So we were really excited to get the chance to try out K5 Learning,  an online supplemental math and reading program.  Since we are all about encouraging a love of learning in our children, a program like this, both educational and entertaining, is a wonderful introduction to “school”.


K5 Learning

K5 Learning is also recommended for those with special needs and ESL learners too because of its individualized, self-paced design. If we need to fill in some gaps; perhaps we simply need to keep that learning going throughout the summer, or winter break even! This program offers plenty of fun, interactive opportunities for our kids to have a blast while they gain critical, necessary skills.




The moment this one arrived my daughter sat down excitedly to do her assessment. I love that this program offers personalized lessons and even worksheets to go along with what they are learning. They have assessments for both math and reading; their program covers Kindergarten all the way through grade 5.




Since three of my four are all learning at different levels and different paces too, this was a wonderful opportunity to allow them each a bit of independence in their learning. And in such a way that it doesn’t seem like learning at all.  In fact, this is a wonderful program to use for “summer school”; those times when we want to take a break but still want to encourage some reading, writing and arithmetic 🙂 Each account can have up to four students and they offer monthly and annual subscriptions to the site.





I had my two older sons both complete the assessments in reading and math; this was a nice opportunity to see where we have learning gaps and also to get a better idea of their reading abilities so as I plan for the coming year,  I can better meet their needs. I was impressed with how complete the assessment is too; each one takes about 30 minutes to complete. It’s great how they have a variety of levels of material in these; all so that the program for your children can be completely unique to their learning abilities.




My younger son really enjoyed the math portion of this program. The activities that he completed were fun and engaging. The lessons for all the perfect length for him too. Since he is my struggling reader, we spent quite a bit of time in that part of this program. The best part of this program for him, was how he was able to start over, per se, with reading and letter sounds. Really go back to the basics so we could make that foundation a greater one for him.  We really liked that there were worksheets for him to complete as he went along. For whatever reason this little man of mine really likes doing worksheets.





With my oldest son this was a wonderful addition to fill in those gaps particularly in the area of math. I especially appreciated the worksheets but I think helped him to firm up his understanding of certain concepts. He also would use the spelling and vocabulary portion of this program. And of course doing a little bit of reading each week was a must. He tends to be my very reluctant learner right now so again, the entertaining and fun way these lessons are put together really was encouraging. It is rare as of late that he wants to work on any thing – This was very helpful in inspiring him to learn because the lessons really are so much fun! I have to admit I even logged on to my kids accounts to try my hand, for review purposes of course, at these activities. Fun, fun!






All of my children especially enjoyed the joke of the day. Since there was a new one every time they logged in some days I would hear my kids teaching each other the joke that they learned on their account that morning. My younger son especially enjoys sharing these jokes! There is such an amazing variety of material for our kids to learn on this program. You can even get a free trial if you aren’t sure that this is your thing. I am so glad that we were given the opportunity to use this though; we will definitely be continuing with this through the summer.  It’s a great (and fun) way to really strengthen skills in so many different areas!



K5 Learning




I love the variety of learning! For my littlest one there’s phonics and basic number and operations skills. For my oldest algebraic thinking and geometry and how to analyze data. And because this program adapts right along with our kids it is always just what they need. Well, maybe it isn’t always exactly what they need, but they have a wonderful and very helpful staff that is quick to fix whatever you need. Move a level up or down. Schedule an additional assessment. There is so much to be gained from this one. 🙂 




K5 Learning {Reviews}


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