You Aren’t Generous

I have always thought of myself as a pretty generous person. I spent years working and social services before I came home to teach and train my children. And how could anyone who dedicates their life to serving the least of these possibly not be generous?
Then I was reading this morning and it was said:
“We are not really generous individuals when we give what we have more than enough of. When we have a lot of free time and give our time to others that doesn’t make us generous and when we offer money and other things to those with needs because we have more than enough it does not make us generous. What does make us generous is giving when we just can’t. We do not have enough money or time or energy. We are tired and worn out, yet we stop and take the time to give. When we do this we have truly become generous.”

I admit I had to chew on that one quite a bit. As a mom to four little ones I have to admit that some days they are my excuse. 

I wish I could help but… if only I had more time…. money is really tight right now…..

Certainly these are things that we have all said at some point in time. And they are reasonable enough right? After all we are responsible to keep our home and to train up our children. How can we do that if we are constantly stopping to give and do?

And then my mind flashes to my oldest son who have really been struggling with as of late. He has gone from a sweet and helpful child to one who is brooding and very reluctant to help anyone other than himself. I showed her but I have to wonder… has he learned this from his mom or dad? How important it is for children to see us reaching out and serving others even at those times but aren’t so convenient for us.

I think of how a few years ago a wonderful old man stopped me in the parking lot because there was a hole in my shopping bag and something fell out. It was such a simple little thing. No big deal period yet it was such a big gesture. A wonderful show of character. 

I have to admit my children and I could do well to slow down. I remember reading somewhere and I do not recall who said it, that those interruptions in life are simply opportunities. If we are willing to see them.


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