Never Not Ahead

We just returned from an amazing little vacation that my husband blessed our family with. We came home just in time.


I have a terrible toothache. Have I mentioned ever the anxiety and stress that dentists cause me? Out of nowhere, this constant throbbing on the side of my face; just one tooth causing so much trouble.

I remember that this could have happened while we were away; I kind of am thankful that all of this pain comes now that we are home.


Yet it reminds me that there always seems to be something…..repairs to do on the house; a bathroom that desperately needs renovation …. but there is always something. A kiddo needing glasses or braces… Seems no matter how we try we are never quite able to catch up.



I stopped being interested in getting ahead a long time ago; today it is just my hope that one day we can catch up. We can get that updated bathroom. We can fix the flooring. We can get what was once a kitchen, to look like something with purpose.



I love our little house. I love seeing it change and grow. I love being home with our children.  Sometimes though – I get stuck. I focus on those things that really do need to get done, and are seemingly impossible to get done. It seems to never end. We have a lovely new kitchen! Designed and built ~ We have to start somewhere right?


I am reminded of how on our own we really are though when I have any aches or pains…what about the kids? Have to bring them. Without close family or friends, where I go they go ..  I try not to go far, very often. Yet I remind myself often, it is this closeness, this needing one of another, that brings us closer. We have to rely on one another. And Jesus of course.




I am praying this morning. Asking Jesus to do something for me. At the same time, asking Him what more I can do for Him. I hate asking anyone for anything. It’s the thorn in my flesh maybe. Yet even so, I go before Him, I ask Him, to heal this awful pain. To take it away; to make this tooth new. If nothing else that it may glorify Him. I know He can; I trust that He will.




For now its coconut oil, sea salt gargling…Waiting. Patiently waiting. Enduring. Letting my children take the day to learn about their own things. Because this day.  I need a break. I need that break that I just cannot get. Not yet. But I know too that all things work together for His chosen ones and so I am so grateful that I am His.





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