How Often ….


How often do we sit and look at other posts on social media and maybe get down on ourselves? Just a bit? It’s so important for us to remember that we only see what others allow us to see. …How many of us are going to post photos of our messy homes or failed meals? Children in a tantrum?



We post what we want to share….But there is so much we never see..Before we compare ourselves and beat ourselves up over all those things others seem to do, those skills and talents others share…remember those things that they do, and that there are many things they do not do as well






For example, I do not:

Meal Plan
Decorate my home in lovely ways
Keep an immaculately or well organized home
Wake early in the morning
Work out at a gym
Eat as natural as I should
Keep a schedule
Have quiet time (ever!)
Go on fancy family vacations
Have home birth
Keep my car clean
Play with my kids
Do arts and crafts
Sew or Knit
Keep my mouth shut
Show patience and an even temper šŸ˜›
Speak softly
Have a lovely garden



This list could go on and on but I think you get the idea. I actually got this idea from another wise lady!



We look inward so we know what to look to Christ for.



Can we begin to focus on what we actually do?


Keeping our eyes and our focus on Him and the Kingdom of God?



So many things we do may seem small and insignificant but are very powerful!





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