When Try is a Bad Word

How many of us like to tell our kids that they just need to try? 

I still remember my no 11 year old son telling me again and again but he can’t try.

Sometimes I think even though we probably don’t mean to we tell our kids to try expecting them not to succeed.
I know that there are times when it is good for us to encourage our kids to try. Even ourselves for that matter. Perhaps it inspires and encourages.  Give someone the courage to do something they might not have otherwise.

But those reluctant Learners? The rebellious ones? When I tell my oldest son that he needs to try I do believe that what he hears is me telling him to do something for a short. Of time. I believe that to him try simply implies a way out and not an opportunity.

Not long ago I added the word try to our list of words not to use. I know that might sound crazy but I have found that we just have a richer experience when I place something before my son and tell him we are going to do this.

I often think of how in the Word of God we are never told to try. Again and again however we are told that With God all things are possible. We are reminded that we are more than conquerors.

Shouldn’t we keep these truths in remembrance even as we work at things like reading and writing and math each day?

I often remind myself and my son let the Bible commands us to do all things for the glory of God. Certainly we can do that fast if we just determined to do that which is before us.

As I look for different ways to encourage and inspire my children I may seek out different programs or activities period but I also seek to speak life into them because so often I think we forget about the power of the words that we use. 

I will not tell my children to try but I will tell them to work well at what they are doing. I will encourage them to dig in to something new and exciting. My hope is not in success for all things but in them Having the courage and the determination to do well at any task set before them. Because the works that we do say so much about who we are and what matters to us.


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