Apples Can’t Be Oranges

I cannot believe we are only a week away from the month of July! And we are just now planting our little vegetable garden. Better late than never right?

My younger son was actually my inspiration for planting anything at all this year. He has recently taken to making pickles and recently decided he also wants to learn to make salsa. Not with the store-bought stuff but with tomatoes and peppers that he grows himself.

Since a wonderful homeschool family was kind enough to offer us a couple extra plants that they had I decided it was worth it to give it a try. And we headed to the local Garden store to get a few tomato plants too.

Now our garden patch is quite a mess. Last year we took the year off completely because we were working to landscape and we’re moving raspberry bushes and blackberry bushes about. 

Even if I hadn’t taken a year off of tending and sewing the soil every year it is a crazy math of weeds. Some beautiful and some not so beautiful. And I remember as I work with in the garden that if we do this well there will be fruit that will come from all of our hard work.

My youngest son is such a hard worker! He has a determination and an eagerness to do that just inspires me. I thought of my oldest son who is the complete opposite period he is not one for getting his hands dirty. He will go outside and help with yard work but only as long as he has to. His heart is in creating musically and artistically. He draws and sketches and builds things. He is my dreamer. My younger son is very much a doer. 

It got me thinking though. How often I confuse my two boys and my daughters too by expecting of one that of the other. An apple is not an orange nor can it be. It is unfair of me to expect my oldest son to work hard in the garden or to build a birdhouse out of wood. It is unfair of me to expect my younger son to draw amazing pictures and play various melodies on our keyboard or drum set. What is an apple and the other an orange. And that’s okay.

They need to know that it is okay. They need to be encouraged to follow their talents and abilities without feeling the need to be more like the other. Are we not all uniquely made in God’s image? We are His image bearers.  with that come gifts and abilities. As God purposes for each of us so he also equips us. None need to be the same.

I have been taking the last few weeks to read and to find the way that we should go. At home Hendon learning and even in leisure. And I have found again and again that is important just simply be faithful. To trust God. No good comes from worrying and posing tons of what ifs. Instead we need to trust the one who created us. The one who has the plan.

We need to know and always remember that even in the mess there is beauty. Even in the trials and the struggles there is a purpose. Can we see the struggles and tears and challenges and rise up graciously to meet them knowing that God is on our side. 


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