Most Blessed

It occurred to me this afternoon that it is so easy for us to take our struggles and focus on them. To forget about those little blessings that come our way and focus instead what we think we ought to have instead.

Because I can so often be guilty a focusing in on all the siblings squabbles and messes.  I can focus too much on the fact but I lost my temper or I didn’t manage to organize that one room. Perhaps my attempt at decluttering haven’t quite worked out.

In all of the mess sometimes we forget about the lessons that are being learned and the character that is being built. In those sibling squabbles we have the opportunity to teach kindness and patience. We have the opportunity to model humility and love. When we are in the middle of a mess we have the opportunity to look and see memories being made lessons being learned and life happening!

Today I think about all the challenges we faced together. A couple skinned knees and a couple bruised egos. Our oldest son came back from camp to tell us about the girl he liked the last year and how she didn’t like him anymore. We made donuts together we walked along the lake spotting fish and baby ducks. We got to visit friends of ours who recently opened their own coffee and juice bar downtown. Italian sodas! 

It is a blessed week. The ups and the downs the messes. Gardening with the kids and fixing up the yard. Sure inside and outside our house is kind of a mess right now but we are having so much fun. We are learning so much more. And the blessings? There are so many I know not where to begin. But I thank the Lord for every moment and I pray but I will always use each moment for his glory.


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