Summer Break Without a Break? 

I never really look forward to the arrival of Summer. Does that sound just awful?

Mostly I admit that I kind of dread it because my oldest son needs constant direction. If there is not a ton of structure there is tons of trouble.
The last couple months have worn me out and made me so very tired. We are hosting to students for the summer who are from Spain and France. One boy and one girl. In our little house my husband wonders what I could possibly have been thinking when I agreed to it.

We also have a trip to St. Louis coming up in a few weeks because both of our boys qualified this year for Nationals in Bible quizzing. 

I guess it all sounds exciting. I wish I had enough energy to be excited like my kids are!

Don’t get me wrong I am definitely looking forward to these things but I also know that where my kids have lots of free time there are a lot of struggles that on our way.

My oldest son is in this brooding stage I guess you could say. Whenever he is corrected or asked to do something other than what he wants to do… I don’t even know how to describe the drama that ensues.

Now we do homeschool all year round. This is simply one of many efforts to try to keep things consistent and to have some routines in place for each day.

Because it’s summer and because we will have students visiting from far away we are mixing things up just a little bit. Hoping to find a couple fun things to do. Places to explore and character and life skills to focus on.

We are planning a trip to see some caves and another trip or two to see some local farms and petting zoos. There is the beach under the local museums. There’s a space museum even about an hour north of us and an amazing little garden called The Bookworm Gardens. There is even an observatory that opens up to the public for free one night a month so we can gaze at the stars.

That sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Maybe too much.

But as I prepare for summer I have to stay focused and I need to be consistent and simple but also intentional.

 There really are so many things that we can do. Well I know that there are things that we just cannot do I have to intentionally focus on all these things that we can do!

Perhaps one day in the future we will have the ability to have a totally wild and free summer but for now we are going to Joy in the one that we have.


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