Because of Jesus

The Fourth of July – a time for celebration. A time of remembrance.


Its about life. Freedom. Liberty.


My family took our visiting “daughter” from Spain to see the fireworks last night. We spent an hour or two just enjoying the lake; kids playing around the rocks. On the rocks.


And then the night became a very somber one. Quickly. Unexpectedly.


There  was a child who fell from the rocks, into and under the water.


My family and I were present watching as the coast guard came, as the divers went down again and again until they found this child. In the dark. So darn; cold and dark. My husband stood with our kids. Praying all together.



What can you do but pray? But reach out (a moment I am so grateful for my cell phone) to gather those who can pray powerfully together? That precious, powerful name of Jesus. It works when nothing else does. His strength in a time of weakness. When you know the name you have to pray, you have to intercede for these situations. And there is a peace, there is a knowing that comes over you.





I read this morning that when they brought this child out of the water they proclaimed the child dead.





BUT then at 12:45 they pronounced this child alive. Impossible? All things are possible WITH Jesus. 




Jesus brings the dead to life. He really does. SO grateful for this miracle for this family, for this child. And SO thankful for the prayer warriors who were able to agree in prayer for this situation last night! Its all because of Jesus this child is alive.




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