It IS Learning!

I have determined this summer to see the learning. Instead of seeing them playing in the mud or sitting watching videos I am determined to see the learning.

I was reading earlier today about the value of having a vision for our home. I can admit but perhaps I have lost sight of that vision in the last few months. Where I have struggled to get those workbooks done and to complete all of those tasks which all of the experts say children need to do at his age I have lost sight of why we chose to be home educators in the first place.

I often tell my children that they need to find what they love and then seek after it. It occurred to me the other day that I often say this but then when they are seeking looks different than what I envision I said me take those words back.

I cannot deny it. When I think of active learning I think of books. Lots of books.  

For my four children it doesn’t always look like that. And that doesn’t mean that what we are doing is wrong.
It all begins with defining what we are doing and what we plan to do. Is it school? Is it work? Don’t throw it on the ground okay what is this thing that we do every day in our home?

The words we use make a difference.

When I think of school I think of a set time in which we are taught facts and figures. We are told exactly what to do and how to make it work. We don’t get to create and explore things for our self but there is a set time for each thing. And when that time is over so is that part of the day. 

I always find that to be so discouraging.  When I was a child I hated school but I love to learn. I couldn’t get enough of reading and writing.  I was always fascinated with language and art. I could easily get lost looking at maps and timelines.  and to this day reading a good book only causes me to want to read more.

There is much learning to be done. And for me and for my children there’s a big difference between learning and school. That said I strive to not use the term school. Instead I encourage them to follow their curiosity and their interests.

Even in the summer as we relax I learning a bit more I remind myself often but if we’re doing things right learning never really stops. 

As we visit with our summer exchange students and as we fly kites and collect rocks at the beach; as we enjoy planes landing and taking off and explore the many parks and museums and zoos nearby there is so much to learn.

So I remind myself that learning for our family is something that is living and breathing. Learning is something that is so personal. It won’t look the way I think it ought to look.  And that is just fine! 😃


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