Take Off with Doctor Aviation {Review}

There is something amazing about flight! Airplanes, birds, helicopters….My younger son actually used his allowance money to buy a fancy pair of binoculars because we live near a small airport and so there is always lots to see outside of our house. My husband has his own of course, although they are mostly used for hunting, that can help to watch and identify flying objects. 🙂
Things that take flight just fascinate my boys (that includes my husband) so I was really excited when I was asked to review with my husband, Doctor Aviation.  This is one of those amazing, who knew it existed but so glad that it does kind of programs – full of online training videos that cover all kinds of things related to aviation!

Doctor Aviation


They say with this program you can “Take your mind to flight” when you join Doctor Aviation, Daryl Smith. United States Airforce Academy graduate, he shares his 24 years of experience with you! This is recommended for ages 16 and up; my husband I received this one to review together; we were given a six month subscription. This program has fifteen lessons which are divided up into six sections. These include:


  • Introduction to Course
  • The Aircraft
  • Traffic Control
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Aircraft II



Sound rather overwhelming? Don’t worry – Doctor Aviation does a great job breaking down the big stuff so it is easy to understand.  Each lesson is about 45 minutes long and there are downloadable PDF files as well. These include further reading suggestions, activities, movies, research topics, writing assignments and lots more!  While aviation may seem impossible to understand, this course breaks down those bigger things into small steps helping you clearly see the bigger picture. 🙂


Being that one day, my husband would love to have the chance to get his pilot’s license, this was something he was happy to be a part of. Since we received this for our own use (our kids did pop in and out to watch here and there but this is definitely not meant for a younger audience) the lecture style format of these videos worked well for my husband. I admit, I had a hard time focusing on the videos (I was never one who  did well with this style of learning so I really appreciated the guided notes that came with each lesson. 🙂


There was some fun tech trivia for my husband and then some great resources to learn more. Some of these resources were links to click through to additional reading or videos, others were books or articles.  Being that my husband is from Michigan, he was quite intrigued and enjoyed learning more about the materials of the Wright Brothers that were located there. Personally, I found the history and construction of the airplanes to be fascinating! 

Each lesson also includes some lecture on Notable Innovators (think of Amelia Earhart or the Wright Brothers) and Legendary Aircrafts and/or Events (first powered flight; breaking the sound barrier). These are all about 15-20 minutes in length and while the presentation is nothing fancy, he certainly presents all of this in a way that shows his passion for all things flight related.




While we have a family full of aviation loving folks, we had no idea how much we would enjoy learning with this program! Even our four kiddos, who range in age from two to eleven, were interested in what we were learning. 


play button


There were many videos and resources that we read and listened to where they were just as interested in what was being taught as we were. Again, this is a very simple presented program, there is nothing to distract or take away from what is being taught. As the material being presented becomes more advanced, the instructor does a great job of relating aviation concepts to things like, the human body, that we can all understand and this relate to.



Doctor Aviation is a wonderful program for any adult that is looking to learn about flight and aviation. This is also a really fun and unique high school elective course; between the videos, exams and all the extra learning resources provided this could be a really unique program for any older student who loves aviation!  What better way to show and encourage a love of learning in your family, then getting involved in learning something new yourself! Certainly there is much to learn when you fly with Doctor Aviation!


Aviation Course {Doctor Aviation Reviews}

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