Not Planning

I usually go into major planning mode this time year.
I sit down and list out what we need to learn; how we are going to learn it.
I make sure everything is organized.
Because everything has it’s place.



Maybe this year is the year for my oldest son to get involved in planning out his learning course.

But then when asked what he wants to learn, he just shrugs his shoulders and says “I don’t know.”

He is thinking about it.


In the meantime I have books spread all over the house.

Books on animals; science and history. Geography.

Logic.  French. Hebrew and Greek. Bible stuff.

These things are all over the place.

We just hung up a new-ish world map. I pulled out two huge maps (one of the states and one of the world) that are just for kids and full of fun image and facts for every part of the world and country and state and body of water imaginable.


My kids all go “eh” and move on their way…..



I have always had a love of learning myself. And I have always been certain that whatever my kids learn, they need to learn how to love learning.


But I fear as I am planning and organizing things, I am taking away any chance of them really learning to love learning.


I am such a control freak. I know I am.

I expect things to go in a certain way, at a certain time.

I am not so controlling that we look like any kind of “formal school” in our home learning


I am controlling enough that I guess when I ask my kids to share what they want to know…they move along.



Perhaps its time to loosen the reins.


Some things just have to happen naturally.


Other things (math, reading, writing) need to happen regularly.

But what if I could find a way to allow those things to happen without controlling exactly when and exactly how?


I remind myself, there is no right way.


I watch my younger son outside, working on a handmade bow and arrow, and then look to see my older son. at work with pens and paper, sketching a very imaginative picture….they are so very different.

Yet too often I try to force them to learn this or that. Together. From this time to this time. In this manner.


What am I thinking? 😛


I think of the value of being home. At home all day. Every day. With all four of my children.


Its a blessing I do not always recognize. Its one I sometimes refuse to receive. 😦


Yet I am reminded often, its that relationship that matters most of all.
We cannot make them learn. We cannot make them love to learn.

In fact by making them learn, we can make them learn to not want to learn.

I want to love and learn WITH my kids.
Perhaps in all my planning and fretting, as I make sure everything is just so, I am taking away from the most important piece of home learning. My relationships with my children.


We need to build. The foundation right now, I know, is shaky (especially with my oldest, somewhat rebellious son).


I need to step back; just a bit. I need to give him time, let him unwind and find his way; patience and faith as he seeks and I simply wait for him to come alongside 😀


I cannot hover. I cannot continually nag.

Love and faith.

Justice and mercy.



We need to love our little ones; love them as our neighbors. As the persons that they are becoming.

We can walk faithfully with the Lord and be still and listen.

Without His lead, we just cannot succeed.

And with Him guiding our steps, lighting our path….


It’s amazing! Grace, ❤




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