In the Reign of TERROR {Review}

For the last few years my family has been so very blessed by Heirloom Audio Productions. Their dramatic telling of so many of the wonderful and historical tales of G.A. Henty have brought such life and excitement to our home learning; I credit them with the love of history that all four of my children have! This time around we had the pleasure of reliving the French Revolution, with their latest,  In The Reign of TERROR. We received the 2 Disc set along with an amazing study guide to help really understand the story being told. They also gave us access to their brand new Live the Adventure Club online community and resources. This is another amazing resource that is fun of downloadable materials; there are quizzes, articles that relate to the many adventures in their online library and other great activities to help our kids have fun while they learn!



Heirloom Audio Productions


What I just LOVE about Heirloom Audio is their dedication to bringing history to life! They provide such an amazing, high quality adventure.  Every second is exciting, encouraging and inspiring. These are stories the whole family will love time and time again! Woven into every story told are virtues, strong and sound characters and scripture. Throughout the story there is scripture always relating to the moment and the  Shared and lived out. There is never any doubt as our family listens to these, that we are learning so much more from this story, than we realize.  I know for many of us audio books are a great blessings (I hesitate to call this an audio book however) but this is so much more. Beautiful music,  actors who are so very talented, sound effects……This is the French Revolution coming alive in our very own home (or car). 😀



In the Reign of Terror  In the Reign of TERROR takes place during the French Revolution. Experience this historic time through the eyes of young Harry (a British boy) experiences chaos, the challenge of cultures and nobility. As he strives to survive and even save, this family who took him in to be a companion to their own son, his faith is challenged. He is changed, as we all are to be, when trials come our way. This leaves you on the edge of your seat as you get to know this family, love them, and follow Harry’s attempts to rescue them from the guillotine, for something as simple as their heritage.




I admit I have a rather faulty understanding of the French Revolution. Thankfully at the same time that we received this, we also had a dear young man from France visiting with our family. He was so excited too hearing this story and the (so precise) French spoken in this drama. While this story focuses on the revolution and struggles experienced at this time, it also clearly teaches of the need to value friendship, righteousness and the importance of the sovereignty of God (not man).


While this production is truly amazing (I run out of words to express my love for these) the study guide that is provided with this is even better! There are three styles of questions within:

  •  Listening Well asks what has been heard or remembered. What is the plan for Harry’s career? How does Harry subdue the dog? Who is Marie’s fiancee?
  • Thinking Further encourages some deeper thinking—research  something in more detail, explore possible conclusions from actions and intentions and mind of the various characters in this story. Another way to encourage further learning, explore those rabbit trails within the story together. Perhaps you will locate a landmark, or specific location, on a map. Is it right to hunt and destroy dangerous animals?
  • Defining Words helps to learn and expand vocabulary and understanding. Keep your dictionary handy for this one! Just a few of my son’s favorites: Braggart, grievous, horde, baguette.


There is a recommended reading list included so you can continue to learn about this time period. There is a recipe for french bread; you can learn about medicine during the time of the revolution and read about Marie Antoinette. This study guide is filled with fascinating facts. For example, the guillotine was also known as “the National Razor” and was a symbol of the revolutionary cause.


Its a delicious treat to make your own brioche: my daughter loves saying “Let them eat cake” (although she prefers to say, let me eat cake)!

Once that’s done how about creating your very own recipe to show what the revolution would look like if it was a cake. Determine the ingredients, prep time and directions as they would relate to a harsh ruler, poverty, or a lack of freedom.

And they even provide Bible Study materials (a real treat for my oldest son who loves to learn and share God’s Word) that lead you into a greater understanding of the story and the implications within. Understand the greater meaning and value of God’s providence; search the scriptures to see where kingdoms rise and fall. Be reminded of the value of submitting ourselves fully to God, in all times, seeking to please and do His will rather than man’s will.


There is just so much more to Heirloom Audio Productions than I could begin to share here. I really could go on and on about all the different activities and lessons; the great value of this to our family. My oldest son especially, is always so excited and eager to listen to these dramatic story telling, again and again. Every time learning something new; catching some new scriptural truth that can only help us to grow more and more into His image, as He desires for us to be.




There are seldom companies that I truly fall in love with, but this one, we love this one deeply and seek to support all that they do because all that they do truly is glorifying of our God. Any issues or questions we have ever had (we were heartbroken when we lost a disc to one of the stories we received some time ago) is received and dealt with so gracefully. This is a wonderful company that is full of wonderful men and women who truly are dedicated to bringing history to life and at the same time sharing the Word of God in a way that only confirms how alive and powerful it really is. If you have never experienced this company and its amazing adventures, you need to, for you will be greatly blessed!



In the Reign of Terror {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}



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