Bible Studies

Who is He pouring out on?

I have been told I take things too seriously; I have been told that I go too far when it comes to this precious Word which God has given us. Yet our Pastor said, we need to be causing a bit of trouble, for the Gospel’s sake. Truth will cause those not living it to be offended, to get uncomfortable. This is not a bad thing.



As I was reading this morning in the Book of Revelation, it was so clear to me, the severity of this Word and the value of each jot and tittle within, was made ever more clear to me as I read and as I saw:


(Revelation 16:1 )And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon (fill in the blanks with whoever it is you know who is lost, who is backslide, who is not seeking HIs kingdom and His righteousness for their lives).


It IS personal. It is VERY personal. Do we speak in love? certainly I know I offend often. I strive to speak in love the responsibility that has been given us, the duty we are entrusted with….


Preach THE WHOLE GOSPEL. Not some. Not the pretty parts.


Preach about judgement, preach hell, speak truth about sin …


One day those vials will be opened and poured on on our family, on our friends….

People who do not know and do not believe…Perhaps because we did not open our mouths….



IF we pray, IF we seek His face, IF we turn and repent from these wicked ways….


We will all have to give an answer to someone, a reason for why we believe, why we hope. Let us speak that reason and that hope boldly to others.


He wants for none to perish – if we are the watchmen on these walls – what are we waiting for?


What are we doing with what we are seeing?




Don’t wait until you see those vials, that wrath, being poured on on your loved one.



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