Let them Come

This past year has been a challenging one for my youngest son. He is 7 and very much an introvert. My husband refers to him as our little engineer because his mind just works a bit differently. He is always thinking and working and calculating. He is so little yet so big.

Unfortunately this has resulted in many problems with his interactions with other kids. And unfortunately it’s mostly the kids in our church. Because he is so small for his age and so soft-spoken he has been treated unfairly by many of the other boys. This of course has left its mark on him.

As a home educator I have never really been a strong proponent of school  to begin with. This includes Sunday School.  I truly believe that are children can learn best  by being a part of the church.  Not being separated  from it.
And as I have watched my younger son struggle I have found this to be true at least for my family.

There are many women in our church who I have a great respect for who are a part of these childrens programs… I love their heart and their desire to teach the gospel to these little ones. 
However it is also clear that they are steeped in the ways of the world when it comes to how they teach. Simple twaddle filled stories assuming that our children cannot possibly comprehend the story itself within the Bible. Silly songs and games to teach bits of truth.

Please hear me. I am not saying that this is wrong but I believe we do our children a great disservice when we dumb down what we set before them. Charlotte Mason has often referred to learning as preparing a feast for a children. Are we putting junk food in front of them? Certainly some junk food has some nutritional value but does what little value that is within that junk really make it worth while? We need to feed them that good stuff! 

I believe with all my heart that our children need to learn God. They need to learn it in a way that helps them to understand it and to love it. They cannot learn to love it if they’re being forced to do things but they are uncomfortable with. They cannot be forced through lessons and programs that don’t make sense to them. Our children need to see why the word of God matters.

The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. I fear that too often we moms and dads see all of these programs in our churches as an opportunity to take a break from parenting. We assume that it’s a safe place for our children because it’s Church. We allow our children to learn biblical truths outside of our own vision. And we are low other examples to come before them. But God never tells us as parents that we are only to train up our children until we get to church or until they become of age where they can be sent to school.

We have to be willing to do the work if we want to receive the blessings. Every one of our children is so very unique. We need to understand them. We need to have a strong relationship with them. Only then can we really say to them but it is time to worship and watch them worship. To teach our children to obey men without having a heart that is seeking to please God is foolishness.

I imagine Jesus sitting with those children surrounding him. His disciples were so quick to have those children moved away because they were distraction. They were not doing what they were supposed to be doing. But Jesus said that we need to let them come.


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