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A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks Reviews {Inventors}

It’s that time of the year again – where we struggle to find some momentum and get excited about the learning that is to come. While we consider ourselves to be year round home learners, summers are always a challenging time for us because we have, often, visitors from overseas; there are camps and experiences that we can only enjoy during this short season called summer here in Wisconsin. So we do break from anything “formal”.  At the same time I always say learning happens everywhere, all the time, I also want there to be dedication and focus in what we do, so A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks seemed like a great way to begin anew with their lap book, The Greatest Inventors.





Having heard of this company before but being a bit intimidated by the concept of lap booking, I was a mix of hesitant and eager to give one of their really neat sounding products, a try in our house. My boys are very creative; they love to know how things are made. I swear they would take apart every appliance we own to just see the ins and outs of them, if we allowed them to. But they have a momma who worries too much;  especially when it comes to things like lap books. It all seems so overwhelming to me – the pieces and details of it all. Scissors and glue and tape…Does anyone else shudder at the thought of their kids loose with these tools? haha


Then I began to wonder if maybe lap books aren’t exactly what I always thought they were. Thankfully there is a video for that on the site; you can watch it for yourself here.



The long and short of it all? Lap booking is a great way to encourage a bit of creativity in your kids! As they learn, they also are creating little books to document those things they are studying. This process is great really (aside from the mess my kids tend to make doing this sort of thing) because it really enhances learning. From the pages of the book, onto the pages of their book, they keep a record (creatively and colorfully) of those things that matter most to them. Its a great way to track what is being learned and it can really help to bring a lesson to life too I think!




Recommended for grades 2-8 both of my boys (who are 7 and 11) are enjoying this one!

And since we have been in a drought of some sort when it comes to joyfully learning, this was great timing. 🙂




While you could use this to compliment a current program in use, this is also great for independent study and since it comes with everything (including a study guide) this can easily stand alone. Our downloadable product came with all of the mini booklets needed and a study guide full of information on the inventors that were being featured. By the way, you can receive this as a print version.




Can I just say that while I initially felt there was not enough information on these inventors, my kids certainly managed to extend their studies on many of them, beyond the guide provided. Sometimes I admit, I forget how that curiosity can really keep something going. It reminds me of Plutarch who said, “”The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”



My boys started out learning exactly what an invention is and what makes someone an inventor. This involved reading and as my boys tend to do, searching out more information through videos. I admit it took quite a bit of time for them to complete this first step (only because the idea of becoming an inventor was such an exciting idea to them both!)  as they quickly got busy talking about the things they are going to invent.



After some time they did begin learning about the inventors that are featured here. Some of those are:


  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Guglielmo Marconi
  • Jonas Salk
  • John Deere
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Louis Braille
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Henry Ford




One thing that was a huge blessing to my oldest son is that the material that is provided for each inventor, isn’t a ton of reading. There is about a page of history on each individual; written in a simple way. Easy to understand and to the point. When we learned about the history of typesetting we were also given the opportunity to practice this for ourselves (just need the egg cartons) writing our own sentence.  For each inventor there are questions to answer regarding the reading. This is a great way to reinforce those important details as we go along.


I loved seeing my boys work together as they learned about some of those unusual (and some quite usual) individuals who made amazing discoveries and how those discoveries became inventions that we all know and love today! (I admit to wishing Henry Ford’s invention away some days – I mean to travel by horse – I imagine it to be so lovely!)


This isn’t all they offer though; there are hundreds more! The only complaint I could possibly issue is that there are so many, I have no idea where to begin! From history and geography, to science, even a 4H Horsemanship Binder-Builder…they also have unit studies, note booking, copy work and Spanish lap books too! Whatever your interests may be (or your kids perhaps) they have something that is going to encourage and guide your kids along the way.  Not sure about this? Check out some of their great freebies!


Lapbooks for Classical Conversations, Apologia, Inventors & 20th Century {A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks Reviews}


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