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Clothed in humility? 

I recently started reading about humility and the value that it has for those who are a part of the kingdom of God.

How often do we pray about or seek humility?

I don’t think it ever occurred to me to pray for this. I never thought to seek after humility for myself or my family. Maybe I just assumed that we just are once we put on Christ? That sounds silly and I found as I read more and more the value and the need for humility in everyone of us as believers…. oh how I need to seek after him all the more! 

Perhaps it is because someone once told me I am humble that I just felt I didn’t need to pray for this. You know how that is right? Someone compliments us for a kindness or gentleness and it goes to our head. We suddenly believe we are something that we really aren’t? 

I read that humility is the place of entire dependence on God and it is from the very nature of things the first duty and the highest virtue of the creature and the root of every virtue.

Just reading that makes me realize how little humility I truly have. Entire dependence upon God. I like to think that I depend on him for everything and with every breath in my being.  

Humility as a virtue. I don’t think I am humble when I am serving and grumbling under my breath of the same time. Surely the combination of serving and complaining rule out whatever humility may have been right?

How we need to be humble though. How I desperately need to be humble. Humble like Jesus. Humble enough to lay down my life solidly without saying a word….

I began to pray for this. I want this humility of Jesus. As I pray for it I begin to find little by little the true meaning of feeling humble. 

Another mom coming to let me know that my oldest son cannot play with her boys unless he can use kinder more gentle behaviors and words. A teacher in our church informing me that there are some disrespectful and unkind behaviors my oldest son has been showing towards adults and children alike.

Humble Me Lord. 

With each of these conversations I feel a bit lower. A bit more desperate for the Lord to move in my life and in my son’s life.

We have a sweet exchange student who spoke with me this afternoon about the good things she sees in my oldest son. A reminder that he is gentle and kind. But he is quite smart and very creative.

It is a reminder that even if we see those things that are wrong and frustrate we also need to see those things that are good and pleasing. We need to recognize what the Lord can use for his glory within our children. Even within ourselves.

Remember being told once that I should be careful what I pray for. Whatever I pray for God will surely give me plenty of opportunities to exercise what I am asking for. I pray for patience and I get opportunity. I pray for humility and I have opportunities to be humble before others.

Increase my faith Lord. 
More of you Jesus and less of me! 💞💞

1 thought on “Clothed in humility? ”

  1. Amen, He must increase, I must decrease. Its not an easy task but Jesus will give us the power through the Holy Spirit to walk in humility and be humble enough to ask for his help.

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