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We’re Not Ready! 

I see all this stuff about everyone heading back to school. But I don’t think we’re ready. I honestly have no motivation to do any work at all. Not yet anyway. 😜


Homeschool Collection {Monthly Round UP}
Of course my kids know that I consider the word school to be a “bad” word…the implications that come along with that word just make me feel yucky. I do not feel inspired or encouraged. The word school certainly does not make me want to learn much less make me fall in love with it.

I was talking with another homeschool mom this morning as we were out and about for our new nature study event. She and her husband are unschoolers…. she has three little ones herself…our families both had a wonderful time together. How fun it was to meet a family who does what I dream of doing!

I admit I am not much for the great outdoors. I certainly love it. The beauty of God’s creation is just so inspiring. It leaves you breathless and truly there are no words to describe how amazing it all is. Every little detail truly points to a great Creator!

This morning was new for us. Packing up with snacks to go and hike trails and wade through streams looking for bugs and other critters. Exploring together but allowing our children to lead the way.

It’s not something new. I have read about it and heard from others who do this sort of thing. It’s an actual thing! Bringing your children out and just letting them be free to explore and do what they will with what they find in nature. A great way to unplug abd come together.

I admit my kids were not thrilled initially when we arrived. We walked over the bridge and past the playground area. We went up the stairs and into a space that was surrounded by trees. No swings or slides or playthings as they know it. We read a story together and talked about things that you find in your garden. And then we moms backed away to talk while we watched our kids explore.

There was some scuffling and there were some disagreements which gave them the chance to work to resolve them. They attempted to build forts and found salamanders and toads and a huge frog along with a bunch of tadpoles as they waded in the stream.

It was amazing watching my kids go from restless and wanting to go home to exploring and unable to leave. We were there for almost 4 hours, all four from my littlest to my oldest so amazingly involved in exploring their surroundings together.

This is what learning is all about. It’s about slowing down. We slow down and we follow our children’s lead. We give them time to learn and explore. No rush no deadlines. They have as long as they need to learn as much as they want to learn about whatever tickles their fancy.

This is something new for our family. Putting away all the books and the worksheets. Hiding those charts and checklists that haunt me at times. You know the ones? They tell us what our kids need to learn and when they need to learn it. They are kind of threatening and do they really bring me down. It’s hard to love learning when you’re forced to do what you don’t love.

So for now I guess we’re unschooling! We are going to put it all the way and just enjoy and explore together. Museums and libraries. So many books we can read and learn from! It’s kind of scary letting go of everything that I know and letting my kids lead the way but it’s exciting too.

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