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Created to Be…

Every one of us was created for a specific purpose.
Some days when that purpose is not what we have envisioned, perhaps we struggle just a bit.
The other day I had the joyful opportunity to meet another mama. One who could not say enough about how blessed she is to be a wife and a mother.  The joy she had her family impressed me quite a bit.
Some days I have to admit I can’t find that Joy myself. Some days I really struggle with God’s purpose for my life.

I was recently given the chance to be part of a group of ladies for reading through the book Created to be His Help Meet.

Does anyone else perhaps have a problem with that title? The idea that I am created to be his help meet? I was created for him not the other way around.

This is not an easy pill for me to swallow. The idea that my purpose in life is simply to serve. Let it is a blessing and that I should be grateful for the opportunity to serve my husband and my children and even others outside of our home. 
I’m created for my husband. Too often I fear I do not support and follow him. Certainly there cannot be two leaders. As the analogy goes:” We all have roles not because one is more able or better at performing it but because that’s what we are assigned. I cannot be a man. That is not God’s design. I am a woman and I am a helper to my man.”
This is a blessing. Yet often I struggle to be grateful for these opportunities. There are too many days when I would rather do something else instead of “just” serving him. 

I do not feel fulfilled. I Look to Him for personal fulfillment. I looked to my children for fulfillment. I should be looking to my God.
Certainly God has not changed his mind. 

Do we truly realize and appreciate that we were created to make him complete? Not to see personal fulfillment in him.

It is said that a good help meet keeps her focus and passion on being of service. Even if that means that he is doing things differently than we would have him to do them.

As I read I was reminded that sometimes I willingness to follow is all that our husband needs to encourage him to become the leader that God has called him to be.

God’s perfect will for my life is that I should be a help meet to my husband. That I should serve him and encourage him in the way that God would have him to go.
But as in all things there’s a choice to make. We must choose to serve. We must choose to walk in the way that God has for us. 

His way is not our way. Isn’t that a blessing? I think often of how the way that I go it’s twisty and it’s messy but God’s way it is always right and when we take are Burns and cast them at His feet, when we determined to walk in his way…. how beautiful those feet become!

“A wise woman doesn’t take anything for granted. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely.”
We may feel unappreciated and we may feel sometimes that are work goes unseen but we must remember that we were chosen. We are loved and we were chosen by God and by our husbands too.

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