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Books Come Alive with Carole P. Roman {Review}

Last year we were given the opportunity to review some amazing books from Carole P. Roman. Books are a really big deal to me. I have such fond memories from when I was a kid, of books that transported me to many different times and places. They came alive. And they taught me so much! So of course, with my own kids, I am always looking for book that will give them that same experience. Because the last few months have been really “off” for us too, we have been delving into this thing called “unschooling” which encourages me to be ever more aware of exciting things we can do and enjoy together to keep learning in a fun kind of way.



We have loved the variety and the quality of these books ever since we were first so blessed with them. We continue to truly enough her historical series of books, If You Were Me and Lived In… She is the author of over 5o books which include books for early readers, historical and cultural stories to take you around the world and back again, and stories of princesses and pirates too! (my daughter, who is 6,  loves her book Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? although this is not one we received for this review).



One of the books we received, If You Were Me and Lived On Mars (A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World) quickly became a favorite of my younger son who loves all things related to space and rocket ships. Could you imagine if you lived on Mars and were a Martian? ha-ha It’s truly a trip to Mars – from the very first page, to the very last page. How would you get there? How long would it take? Read along and imagine everything from what you would wear to what you would eat! Basketball will certainly be a lot more fun since the surface of gravity is less there. And with two moons can you imagine what it would be like sitting up and sky gazing? While we are there, we must visit the biggest volcano in the solar system.  With volcanos, extra moons and less gravity, we cannot wait to get to Mars. 😛






We also received A Flag For The Flying Dragon (this is volume 9 of the Captain No-Beard stories). The mission? They need to find a flag for their ship. When they get a new crew member, everyone has to come together to find just the right job for him, And as they come together there are wonderful lessons for children in the value of working together. As read, we often went back to how God tells us we are all of one body. Every person has a role and every role matters. This is one of those stories that really inspires and encourages our children to be kind and look out for one another. And of course the darling illustrations throughout the pages of this book make it a visual treat as well!




Just for fun (because Carole P. Roman is such a blessing to us!) we also read two other titles that were given. Who doesn’t love a surprise? Especially when it’s books? 🙂   We received I Want To Do Yoga  Too that shares how Hallie learns some fun yoga poses, after being told she cannot learn with her mom in the studio. My two girls, who are 2 and 6, just loved this one. Learning yoga while pretending to be a tree – being a butterfly is their favorite by far – or a cobra or an airplane. This was super fun to read (especially when we had to stop so both girls could practice each pose just as they did in the story)! And for my two little ballerinas it was a real treat. Just like all of the other stories we enjoy, this one too was a wonderful story of patience and the value of looking for opportunities to learn and do right where you are.




Twice, we were given the chance to blast off, this time with Rocket Bye! What a treat for my youngest son to have one more story that involves flying about through space. He especially appreciated how this one was “written for Alexander” (that’s his name too! lol).  I love how within moments of opening this book, he was sitting and down and reading it to me! Between the amazing pictures on every page and the simplicity of this book, we had a blast, journeying through space together. This was not only a fun book for my son to read, growing his confidence as a reader, but also a great introduction to the stars and constellations, planets too. We had so much fun and so many great discussions about the shapes the stars make and the planets.




There are of course so many more wonderful books to enjoy from Carole P. Roman. There is certainly something for every age, every interest, and every reader whether emerging and beginning readers as well as reluctant or struggling readers. Her stories truly are encouraging, they are a joy to read again and again. Full of valuable lessons to help us grow in character, they both teach and entertain. Be sure to visit and see what she has that you and your children would enjoy. You are certain to learn much together as you read.





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