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Imagine…The Great Flood {Review}

There is nothing that I value more than a good book! When it comes to my four children, I believe in the power of a good book to inspire them and help them to love learning! So I am always especially eager to get my hands on books that bring history alive. Like, Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich; Biblical fiction, for kids, from Barbour Publishing. What a fun way to make these stories something our kids can really get excited about. 🙂



Barbour Publishing



Author Matt Koceich is a missionary and public school teacher, who designed this series of books to help kids to better understand these major events found within the Bible. These stories are a little over 100 pages long, recommended for ages 8-12 – And these are stories that are going to pull your children in and make them feel like they were really there ! There is even another scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2018. Not sure we can wait that long though!





About a year ago my kids and I stumbled onto a series called, I Survived – We loved these books and have been reading them voraciously! My oldest son, who reluctantly reads when he “has to” was so excited to find a series similar to that, but of Biblical proportions. Even his younger brother was eager to get ahold of this one. There is just something about a story that involves time travel to get boys excited I guess.


This is a powerful story that speaks to fear and faith. It is also a reminder that God goes before and He is always in control.


When Corey, who is 10, learns that his family must move from Texas to Florida, giving up all they know and love, he is (of course) angry, scared and uncertain. He wants things to stay the same; he wants to remain comfortable where he has always been. Don’t we always prefer to stay where we are most comfortable; the great unknown can be so scary when we are not walking in faith.


While walking with his mother, his dog Molly runs off, and when he goes after her, he has an unfortunate accident which causes his to lose consciousness and awake in the time of Noah and the flood. Can you imagine awaking to two lions hovering over you?


Follow along with Corey as he becomes friends with the sons of Noah and works to help them prepare for the flood that is to come. Experience the strong faith that this family showed as they work and obey God’s commands, even in the face of great adversity and mockery. How is it possible for them to complete all that must be done in time when there are so many coming against them? If you simply believe and trust God, you already have the victory!



I love how throughout this story, the trials that Noah and his family are experiencing are reflected upon by Corey. I think this helps our young ones to see those things in their own lives that are meant to strengthen their faith and build up their trust in God. Too often don’t we read those stories, say Amen and nod our heads but never really connect those experiences with our own?




It is just this sort of connection that our kids need because truth be told there are so many things out there that will distract our kids from what really matters. There are dark things that are portrayed as things of light. I think of the scripture that so clearly fits today: “Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. There is too much confusion in this world. Our kids need to have a strong and firm identity in Christ. They need to own His word as their own. They need to know that HIs  promises are true and that He never changes. How wonderful is it to know that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.



My oldest son read this one immediately after it arrived; I read it aloud to my younger children. We were on the edge of our seat; anytime I stopped reading, I had at least two kiddos telling me to “read more, keep reading.”


We would stop here and there of course, to discuss something that impressed them. “For all the people on earth had corrupted their ways.”


Can we even begin to imagine the world, before sin entered into it? What if Noah had not had the faith to hear the voice of God and obey it. Something so strange and unusual being commanded of him – clouds, rain, floods – so many unfamiliar things can come our way in life. The question is not just if we will obey when we hear that still small voice, it is even more, will we follow wherever He directs us? I do believe a book like this (while it certainly does take some liberties with the story as we know it) is a wonderful way to guide and build a stronger faith.




“Where you go, I go, when you stay I stay, I will follow you.” 



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