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Let’s Go Geography! {Review}

It is so much fun learning about different parts of the world. I know it is said that, it’s a small world but really, it’s kind of huge. At least, my kids this so. And that can make it hard to really enjoy learning about all these different places. Thankfully there is something called Let’s Go Geography This is an online subscription program recommended for  K-4th grade. Travel around the world and introduce your kids to different lifestyles, foods, music and more every week.  With this homeschool geography curriculum, it cannot get any more fun than this! Grab your passport and go.




Every week we received an email with a new travel itinerary. There are five parts to each lesson:


  • Map it – Locate and learn some fun facts!
  • The Flag – Color your flag and get it into your travel journal
  • The Music – Enjoy some music from the location studied
  • Let’s Explore – Go sightseeing; this has some fun writing stuff too
  • Create! – Color a picture or make a craft related to your location
  • Printable – These include maps, note booking pages and more





We received year one of the curriculum (there are three years in all) Each year covers 2 regions of the United States as well as approximately 26 countries. I will warn you, this is A LOT of information. Since it is online, we made sure to come together for this (a little addition to our crazy sometimes morning time “routine” as of late).


We aren’t really big on worksheets around here; not too long ago we determined to put all of that stuff away because it was really bringing us down. My two boys especially were just not excited about learning and that bothered me. A Lot. Because I love to learn about new things and I really want my children to have that same curiosity and eagerness to explore new things. It matters, our perspective, and our attitude towards education.


Suffice to say, this was something we did together. A gathering of momma and the kids to see what we could learn today. If I am totally honest I was the only one really excited about this, at least in the beginning. But as we went along, the kids got more and more excited about where we were going. We started out in Norway (Vikings, amazing ships, battles!) and we never really got things done in order but that’s totally okay.


We have a student who is from China, but living in France, who is in our family right now. So since one of the locations offered was China, this was another one that we hurried to get away to.  Some old friends of our family moved here long ago from Hawaii. We have family from Norway. And my younger son’s scout group recently learned about a missionary from South Africa. Another opportunity. This is how we learn best. 🙂


My younger son just recently turned eight years old. He loves maps and numbers; he is really into that sort of thing so he loved all the activities that involved mapping locations. Locating bodies of water, cities and neighboring countries. Latitude and longitude. He even brought out his compass a couple times.


My oldest son, on the other hand, loves to create and is very artistically inclined so he loved drawing the flags and listening to the styles of music from all over the world. My girls, who are two and six) really just had fun learning with us.  Coloring in flags was a blast for my little ones. My older son enjoyed taking the coloring pages for these and doing his own sketches based on the image that was given. A wonderful chance for him to stretch his abilities, his idea, not mine.





All four of my children loved the videos that were embedded into each lesson. While I am a big fan of books, they do love to watch and I suppose it makes sense. Especially when it comes to geography. Watching a video and hearing the accents of the people, their language, seeing the scenery (so beautiful!) for yourself, makes it that much more alive. My girls especially appreciated the music. I think there were some days that they spend hours just listening to different music and sometimes even trying out some dance steps too!



I still prefer reading a book, but we are so glad that these videos were here too! Every one of them was a wonderful example, and virtual experience, of the place we were studying that week.


This really is a wonderful way to explore geography more closely with your kids. One lesson per week is more than reasonable, even for our rather unschooled family right now, and on a good day we can complete a whole lesson. There are breaks scheduled into this program; there are even reviews.  So this can easily be used as a complete geography curriculum.






I love how flexible it is; something for the younger ones and something for the older ones too. We still have to really organize our travel journal and get passports in place (one for each of our kiddos) but we are really enjoying this and I think the additional years will be well worth the money when they are available.


Let’s Go!  


Tag: @letsgogeography


Tag:   @letsgogeography


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