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Captain Bayley’s Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

Just when I think that Heirloom Audio Productions cannot possibly get any better, they come out with yet another drama that just blows us away! Captain Bayley’s Heir  is the latest, dare I say greatest, drama created. Combine the exciting time of the California Gold Rush with a lost heir, a stagecoach robbery, and you are in for quite the adventure!




This company has been such a blessing to our family! One dramatic storytelling after another, this has become something that my family LOVES.  Every one of them. From the smallest (she is 2) to the biggest (whose birthday is TODAY – 12 years old – times flies!) I cannot say enough about how awesome the individuals that are a part of this are. Just an example for you, we had some issue occur with one of the CD”s from a previous review we were given and I contacted them because I had hoped to purchase a new CD so we could continue to enjoy this story. Instead (bless their hearts) I was given a new complete set for this story, for free. And they took care of my request so fast! We were quite blessed by this. They are such a joy to “work” with and our family is happy to support them however we can. On to my review because I am sure you are eager to learn all about young Frank and his exploits.






Captain Bayley’s Heir: What better story to hear when we are in the midst of sibling rivalry, constant squabbles, accusations and unforgiveness. Because this is the story of some of that (maybe not the sibling part anyway).  You see, Frank is accused of something he didn’t do.  What does he do? He runs off to America. Maybe not the best way to deal with accusations hurled at you…What an opportunity to talk about what we ought to do when accused, and how we can respond to others rather than accusing them.



Anyway, Frank arrives at the time of the Gold Rush. What an exciting time to be in America. My boys love the Wild West and this definitely had some of that to it. There was gold; a treasure hunt too (what boy doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?)!


There was mystery too (I LOVE a good mystery). You see, Captain Bayley has a daughter that is missing. Who could possibly be his heir? We cannot forget Alice, a soft spoke friend, who is there to encourage and support. I love the gentle spirit she has. I wish I could tell you more about this part of the story but you are just going to have to listen for yourself if you want to know who the heir is.



What a wonderful story this is! Full of lessons on the grace of God, on the power of forgiveness (being forgiven and forgiving too). One of our favorite things about these dramatized stories is that there is a wealth of learning to be done in every story. The learning really never ends. And they inspire our kids (us too!) to grow in our faith, to have a closer walk with our Lord.




As if the story itself isn’t enough, there is also a study guide. I LOVE these. Sorry if I am saying that a lot in this review but truly….this is one of those things that you truly do fall in love with!



The study guide is 30+ pages FULL of goodness. In case you don’t feel like just listening to the story is enough…Perhaps you need a bit more help guiding your children in their learning…You NEED to get your hands on this! It includes:


  • Biography on G.A. Henty
  • Listening Well helps ensure our children “get it”
  • Thinking Further helps our children to understand the events of the story; it is important to understand the “Why”
  • Defining Words helps to define specific vocabulary words used in the story
  • Bible Study (3 topical ones) that teach on God’s grace, honoring parents and what it means to “become” a Christian



They also have an amazing place for our kids to go and play and learn (I am there as I write this!) called Live the Adventure Club. Membership to this great club includes:

  • Three 2-CD sets shipped to you every year
  • Over 500 old-time radio shows to stream
  • Hundreds of activities and games
  • Listen & Learn Read Along Program
  • Daily Inspiration and Devotionals
  • Educational Treasures & Teaching Resources
  • Full Access to Live the Adventure Radio
  • Community Forum

Our family is a part of this club and we just LOVE it!

If you are considering joining,  right now you can get three months for free! In the  future, it will be $24.75 for a three-month subscription ($8 a month.) If you ask it, it’s a real steal 🙂

I know there are lots of things out there that are good for our kids; perhaps there are too many.  It can be confusing trying to choose what to use and when. The beauty of this, is that it is good for everyone in there family big and small. Heirloom Audio Productions goal is for families to grow together; for children to have a better understanding of Christian history and the faith itself.  They do this by creating these wonderful adventures that entertain (secretly teaching) our children with nothing but goodness!
As a home educating family of four, every one of them as different from the other as night is from day, this is something that we just have found we cannot do without. And what impresses me most of all is how much we can, and do, learn from just this one thing. Sometimes its the power of ONE thing that makes all the difference.

Make this your ONE thing and see what happens ❤ 


Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}Don’t Miss All That Heirloom Audio Has To Offer:


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