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Discovery Time

We recently decided to become unschoolers. 
This was not a decision that I took lightly. Knowing as little as I did about this concept of learning I was and still am a bit nervous.
But knowing how not in love with learning my children have been in the last few months it is worth a try.
Walking into this though I wondered what exactly does a good day look like when you’re unschooling?
I really wasn’t sure and being so new to this I really hoped to find something that will give me a bit more direction.
I love how God works!
I scoured the internet looking for others of like mind. Trying to find some type of schedule that would show me what their day is look like. And then I came across something that resolved a bunch of things all in one post.

I do not like the word School. I do not like what I think of when I think of school. I never particularly enjoyed School. My mother sent me to a public school because she was a single mother who probably just didn’t know that this was a better way. But I consider myself home educated because the things that we did and the things that I learned we’re never things I learned when I was in school.

As I read this amazing blog post I came across the term Discovery Time.

I think of how much more enjoyable things can be when we tell our children that it’s Discovery Time! Not school time or work time but Discovery Time.
I also found as I read that so much of what this family did really was what they did. It was more about taking action. 

My oldest son and I were actually talking about this yesterday. How there are people who want to do things and so they make plans and they do all the stuff in preparation for doing that thing they desperately want to do. Perhaps they never even do what they planned to do in the first place. Too much time spent planning and plotting and trying to figure out how to do something instead of just going for it.

 As I read and as I learn more and more about this fine art of learning that’s how many families are embracing I’m finding but everything they do is everything that we already do. Enjoying museums and libraries. Getting outside and exploring the world. Reading lots of books. Watching movies to learn more about history watching documentaries to understand different parts of the world what different animals. Doing science experiments and building things….

There isn’t really a formal schedule because learning isn’t really formal. We spend time learning about those things that are children lead us to.  The Fire Within them is what drives them and so we use that to try to help Inspire and direct them.

The problem is that too often we get stuck thinking that this one thing is just that. One thing. And if we step outside of the box we realize that there is so much more to a child’s love of frogs. Science and math and reading. A child’s love of ice cream can easily become a history lesson and a science lesson. Anything in the kitchen can’t help our children to learn math skills and reading. Attention to detail and patience. When you have more than one child often it also helps you learn how to better work with others. Hahaha

It’s all about making those discoveries. It is all about seeing everything with all of those opportunities within.  Remembering that one thing is not always just one thing.

There is a freedom that comes from letting go. Maybe just a little bit or maybe letting go a lot.

Right now I am just trying to watch and learn myself. To better understand what path we are on and why. To see all four of my children for who they are. Getting to know them and the things they love.

 Certainly it has it’s challenging days. I’m the first to admit to being a bit of a control freak. But it truly is enjoy to sit back and watch them go. And it is definitely an exercise in faith.  😃

No more school for us.  

 Only Discovery Time 💞💞

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