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Super Teacher Saves the Day {Review}

It isn’t any surprise that my kids aren’t really those kids who appreciate worksheets. Ever. They are much more hands on, visual, moving and grooving types … But this, Super Teacher Worksheets, my kids happily peruse all of the different things on this site, print, and work (sometimes all day) quite happily. Needless to say I was more than happy to receive an Individual Membership, for a whole year, to Super Teacher Worksheets to use with my three oldest learners. 🙂



There are  over 10,000 printables to choose from on this site! Math, science, geography, writing prompts, mini-books for beginning readers, literature units, geography….I could go on and on. Most of their worksheets are aligned with Common Core (in case you are wondering).  My favorite feature? The search box – just type in whatever you are looking for and – BOOM – tons of great materials you can print and use to have a great time learning about whatever your kiddos latest passion is.




Since we recently jumped into “unschooling” around here, something like this has been a great blessing to me because, I admit, I am still not totally sold on it yet. As I watch my children, their choice of games and videos and things for discovery, I like to ensure that they are getting as much as they can out of the time they spend on whatever they are “on fire” for. This is a great way to encourage and provide a little assurance, to momma. 🙂


There are also a couple handy tools for any momma who wants to really dig into all that is offered. I printed out a couple of their lesson planners – lots of room to write – great I think for if you are following a program or have specific things you want to work on. There is also a worksheet generator to make your own; we used these to make our own puzzles and word searches. My oldest son wants to use it to make some flashcards too to help him with his French. One thing that we found, and are really using, are homework agendas; a really cool tool for my oldest son. One for every day of the week, where he can list the “work” that was done. He really likes being able to list out his goals for each day and then be able to see them accomplished at the end of the day. Whatever works 😀



Do you love music? Are your kids learning? Mine love music! We have an electric piano, drums and guitars they work on throughout the week (their choice not mine, I promise!) and they sing too. We just love music around here. Needless to say, its hard to keep track of who is doing what.  So finding practice charts to print for each child was quite exciting. As were some of the other worksheets that we used to count beats, learn notes and rests – all while having fun coloring!

Since we have tried to move away from “teaching” to “discovering” this is one of those resources that we are so glad to have at our disposal. We have been having a blast with the many brain teasers,, scavenger hunts and puzzles available. Its fun seeing all four of my kiddos working together or exploring to find answers to questions asked.


And because of how much my boys love to read, the literacy units that are provided really help encourage them to read more and to read more carefully. Such a fun way to dig into an otherwise “boring” book. I personally cannot believe they can call so many of the books they read uninteresting and boring but…Pleased that we have access to something like this to help them focus and pay closer attention to stories we read, together or on our own.


While we are not really fans of “worksheets” we have been very pleased with this program and I would highly recommend it! Its so affordable too; a wonderful way to supplement whatever program you are using or just give your kids a chance to learn and explore their own thing for a time. My kids certainly appreciate being able to find something to learn about, on their own, as they feel led, and I love their desire to seek out answers to questions they have. Such a joy to have something like this, especially for those “bad” days to help a momma out.



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