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Channie’s Visual Workbooks {Review}

We aren’t really big on workbooks around here but my youngest two (2 and 6) love to have their own thing to do each day. Like their big brothers. Most of the time I search for fun things for them to color and copy online, but this time we were given the chance to try something new. We received a copy of My First Letters from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks for review.  Recommended for Pre-K through 1st grade, this was something fun for my girls to do together in their girl time!




When Channie’s son struggled with handwriting, which also brought about other struggles in his learning, she created these workbooks to be visual guides for struggling children. These don’t just provide letters to trace but include dividing lines and colored blocks to guide children as they write. This helps them to learn to properly form their letters consistently.





My daughter was pretty excited to get her own workbook! We received My First Letters which is a handwriting pad with letters to trace, blank lines for practicing, and pictures to color. While my daughter does know how to write most letters this was a great opportunity for her to master those letters.





There are approximately 80 pages in this pad; unlike most worksheets that are used for handwriting practice, these provide lots more visual aids. See the letter, big and small; there is also a visual image that starts with that letter to color and there is a tracing guide.


My daughter loves this part of it! She will trace the letter with her finger; sometimes we will let her trace it in flour or shaving cream – perhaps she will try to make a copy of it with play doh. All of this helps to understand and follow a pattern for forming each letter. And my daughter loved being able to “teach” her little sister to do this too.


There are double spaced lines, large blocks for letter formation and placement; three pages for each letter. One page is for upper case letters, another is for lower case letters and the last page allows practice for both. So they can get plenty of practice with each letter. 🙂



My daughter really enjoyed this one; she is eager to try another too. Sometimes she would do one page; other days she would work in her workbook for quite awhile. Her favorite part was the coloring since she likes to draw and the images were all simple ones she could trace and draw herself even, to color in and decorate. The boxes were a great help for her though – she liked being able to see exactly where it all goes (even though she “preferred to do it with curls all pretty”)  I think she will love cursive writing. haha


This is a fun way to encourage our kids in their learning. And they are made in the USA too.  We are currently hosting a student from France and it has become a running joke that so many things are made in China, here in the USA.  It is nice to find something that is “home grown”.  Be sure to check out the other fun resources Channie offers:



These really are a wonderful tool to have, not just for struggling learners either. Its a simple way for our kids to learn and master handwriting and mathematics too – giving them a firm foundation in things that really do matter. Help them understand and enjoy all that they can learn and do!

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks {Reviews}

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