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Brinkman Adventures Season 4 {Review}

We really love audiobooks! Being that we are on the go a lot as of late (travel team hockey will do that to your life!) its always such a blessing to have good, wholesome, educational adventures to enjoy together, as we drive back and forth. Again and again. It gives us something to look forward to as well; its not just a drive to the rink (again) but it is time to spend experiencing The Brinkman Adventures.  Being given The Brinkman Adventures Season 4 for review was a great thing for our family! Because we have been wondering what they have been up to since we last enjoyed their exploits. 🙂


Brinkman Adventures



I cannot really refer to these as audio books because really, they are a radio show, retelling stories of actual missionary work done. My oldest son, for some time, has felt the desire to go and share the Gospel with people in other parts of the world. When he was six, he said God was going to send him to China .. He loves hearing stories of salvation and redemption. Perhaps we all enjoy these stories knowing what a great blessing it is to our own life. We are blessed with God’s forgiveness and new life and in turn ought to be seeking those who are desiring the very same thing. What freedom it is!



There are 12 episodes included in this season; about 5 hours of amazing storytelling that just draws you right in. Because we are lovers of history and geography too we really enjoyed traveling to Cambodia, Russia and the Middle East. My oldest son remembered as we were listening that there was an episode long ago, when they were not far from where we live, in Wisconsin. I think that when he really began to take a liking to the Brinkman’s himself. But he really does enjoy traveling and exploring various parts of the world with this family. Real life missionaries – its his ailing he believes – God’s will be done.



My younger son and my oldest daughter listened intently to every word; my daughter liked to close her eyes so she could “see” them for herself. She loves to refer to these radio stories as “dreams”. She was a bit sad to find out that hippos can attack! ha-ha  My younger son on the other hand now hopes to one day have an attack hippo of his very own… She also enjoyed the Cambodian Quest because she loves the idea of sewing; she was relieved to find she can learn right here at home. She was sad for the idea of a child being a slave, she was so happy to hear though that together, they made a way of escape. My daughter also just loved the Heart Song –  her favorite episode of all – simply because it included hearts and songs and those are her two favorite things! She is our little praise singer. ❤

My younger son? He is hooked on these, mostly for the adventures that are told – especially the animals that are a part of these stories – there is nothing better he says, the a War of the Raccoons. He really had fun with Paradise Lost too. with all the hurricanes in the news he has been trying to learn as much as he can about these storms right now that are so terribly devastating. And seem to have no end. But it really got him (and my others) thinking, and having fun, with the idea of sharing the story of the Gospel, with someone who doesn’t speak your language. How do you share good news when you don’t have the words? This encouraged some very fun (funny too) interactions in the house for a time!




Every story is so exciting; you feel as though you were there. And they are laced with scriptural lessons for our children. What excellent conversations we have had as we listen and learn, together, about the lives of these precious servants of the Lord. So many reminders on being sensitive to God’s spirit; being obedient to His Word. In this season we are in right now, where there is so much celebration of all things dark and creepy, it is a reminder that this world is not our home. It is also a reminder that we need to be the light. We need to shine so that the darkness just cannot stay. And our children are that light. They need tone strong and sure of what they believe; they need to know their God and know that their God can and will use them for great things.




If you are looking for something to entertain, inspire and encourage your children, I highly recommend this! Packed with action, every moment has you on the edge of your seat. And at the end you are not only feeling akin to the Brinkman’s, you also have a new strength in your own faith. It is iron, sharpening iron. Such power in our testimonies; such power in serving and truly being His ambassadors in this world.


Brinkman Adventures Season 4


Meet the Brinkman’s: 


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