Un School Home School

In Action 

We recently decided to begin our journey as unschoolers. Have I mentioned that here before?

I’m sure I have but today I come here and I make this announcement because it is my plan to try to be faithful to this blog more than I have been. I see this today as an opportunity to share how unschooling is or isn’t working for us. Perhaps to help myself to remember and look beyond just the surface. 

I am guilty of being that Mom who really struggles to see screen time as discovery time. And yet this morning my oldest son while sitting at our computer was able to program it to speak to us. He made a couple different phrases. Quite impressive!

 My younger son is hard at work on multiplication tables and when he isn’t doing that he is playing World of Tanks. It’s amazing how much you can learn about the war and the planes and tanks through this game. when I think about it it really helps my struggling reader to because he has to read if he wants to complete his tasks.

And my six year old daughter who is learning how to read has so much fun playing games that require her to know her letters and the sounds they make. At the same time they challenged her a little bit here and a little bit there.  she can be a princess or a mermaid or a unicorn and working hard to get a new dress for her character is quite the incentive.

My oldest son recently founded documentary all about the history of video games and it was quite interesting. We actually watched it together on a nice wet rainy day.

It was interesting how he is men and women all spoke of how video games Brought them into a sense of belonging and a community. So many of them spoke of being lonely and if not fitting in. Much like my oldest son as of late they spoke of not really having a group of friends and not really feeling a sense of belonging. Yet as they play these games and they begin to meet others of like mind they did so much more than just play a game. They developed friends who are almost like family.

I flash back to the days when I would sit with my gaming friends and watch them play for hours. Dungeons & Dragons. Magic the Gathering. These guys could sit all night and all day together. And they had so much fun. To this day I am sure many of them are still closed. How many of us can say that we truly have a group of friends like that? People who we can just be ourselves around and relax and know that we are accepted.

So often I forget that with true learning there will be an action. Whether it’s that war game that encourages my son to learn all he can about that Warr he is playing in or whether it’s my son learning how to hack our computer and reprogram it there was learning taking place.

But I have to step back. I have to remember that my kids are not me. My children are not each other either. They are each one fearfully and wonderfully made. They’re in the image of God and each one of them was created for his purpose. A specific purpose which is only for them. They are not me and their purpose is not my purpose.

 I may not always see the action but much like God it’s all about having the faith to just know that it’s there. We can sow the seeds and sometimes someone else will sow some seeds. We may plant or we may reap.  Ultimately it’s about having bad faith that’s simply knows that there will be fruit.

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