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Weave Your Word in Me {Kid Niche Review}

I think it was George Washington who once said that the only education that truly matters is one which rests upon the Word of God itself. We ought to be like a tree that is firmly planted; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. As my oldest son grows older, it is important for me to ensure that he is spending time feasting on the Word himself. Because sometimes, he just wants to study on his own, it is always a wonderful thing to find something like Weave Your Word In Me, Part I written by Susan Case Bonner from Kid Niche Christian Books. I never feel more blessed than when we have the opportunity to review materials like this that are sure to feed my children well.





I love the visual I get when I look at this one; Weave Your Word In Me  I have always wanted to learn how to weave; I find it fascinating how all these things that are so separate come together to make something so beautiful. Just as God’s Word when it is in us, when we live and truly love it, shall change and make us so very beautiful.



This program has 36 weeks worth of lessons (recommended for 4-6th grade) which helps our children to experience on a deeper level, the message within the Lord’s Prayer. This comes, pre-punched, ready for that three ring binder – 72pages in all – so very colorful!


 Susan Case Bonner says, “boring and the Bible do not belong in the same sentence.” 



Certainly when you learn and experience God for yourself you find that His Word truly is alive. It lives and breathes and responds to you. If we are simply able to be patient, to be still, and to study seek … He will answer in a most amazing way.


I love how my oldest son, as he learns and strives to follow after the Lord, as he stumbles and falls and rises up again, often hears the still small voice himself. How inspiring, and encouraging. Without a doubt there is nothing dull or boring about our living for God.



Part I contains 14 lessons regarding God, the Father, followed by an additional 22 lessons on God as the Son. Part II is available, although this was not a part of our review. We will likely purchase Part II at some point so that we can complete the lessons on God as the Holy Spirit and What God Wants.


All that is needed to complete this study is a Bible, a dictionary and a pencil. Most of the lessons are very simple and easy to complete in one sitting. My oldest son was a bit bummed that they were not “deeper”. The downside the Bible Quizzing, I always tell him, is that we go deep into a great deal of scripture all the time. But I remind him often, that God always has new wisdom and revelation for those who are faithful and continue to seek after Him because really, there is no one who will ever know all that there is to know when it comes to the Word. Like an onion, there are so many layers, we should always continually be seeking.


Because prayer has been something I have been focusing on with my son recently, we really liked how at the end of each lesson there is My Prayer, for them to complete and then pray. We used these as a launchpad for daily prayer time and also as a way to focus throughout the day, on seeking His face.


As we complete each lesson there are scriptures for them to look up in their Bible; verses and words to define, sometimes an assignment to draw the seraphim with the Lord. There is even a play (who doesn’t have fun acting out the story of Lazarus being brought back to life).



There are definitely many fun exercises and creative ways for children to really get to know the Lord and His Word within the pages of this. Personally I wish I would have used this with my younger son as I think he might have appreciated it more. My oldest (as I mentioned before) just didn’t really feel that this was meat enough for him. Of course we are all in a different place when it comes to our understanding of the Word so certainly I do not want to discount the value of a material like this.



Certainly there were many wonderful things that my oldest did get out of this; questions that made him consider anew what it means for God to be the potter and we the clay. And although my son was baptized in Jesus name a few years ago this was a wonderful way to revisit that experience along with the purpose and the power behind it. Especially interesting for him were the last few studies which spoke to the return and reign of Jesus; the choice given to man to receive him or reject him and a lesson on all that Jesus is preparing for his own, their eternal home.


As with all things that are related to the Bible and study of God’s word, we are to come together to reason. Iron sharpening iron. It is a good thing always to study; God commands us to study to show ourselves approved. I really did enjoy this and I do plan on obtaining and completing Part II as well. Perhaps before I do so I will begin this one again but this time with my younger son and then use Part II with both of my boys. Certainly I always appreciate materials that help our children to seek wisdom and learn more of the great love that our Lord has for His children. What a blessing it is to always see, as we study, how Jesus is the Father and Jesus is the Son and Jesus is the Holy Ghost and these are all simply One.  ❤




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