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The Action Storybook Bible” {Review}

My boys love comic books. They can sit and read them for hours on end and while I really do strive to encourage my kids to read, I really try to encourage them to not read so much “twaddle”.  I do believe that we can read for fun and entertainment, while also learning  and growing, My oldest son has his own Bible that he enjoys studying but my younger son is in a place where the storybook Bibles are too childish for him but the regular Bible is a bit overwhelming.



The Action Storybook Bible was a fun opportunity for him to enjoy a different kind of Bible. 
I admit I get wary of various versions and forms; its hard to tell what is accurate and what isn’t. And while I want to encourage my children to study and read for themselves, I also do not believe in dumbing things down for them. After all the truth of God is for every one of us. And Jesus says, let the little children come. 🙂
My son really loved the illustrations; what boy doesn’t enjoy a comic book form of any story?
The images are exciting, packed with action, so very colorful !
We love to read together; I think its lots of fun to see and hear how things affect him as he reads. Certain details that he finds interesting; events that happened that are just unbelievable – With God nothing is impossible – there were so many moments as he read that got him talking ad talking and talking …
God is so good! And this is a way for younger children (boys especially) to follow along with the story from the very beginning. Each chapter retells a story, sometimes more than one and is followed by a page that identifies an aspect of God’s character, an example of God at work, an shows by example how we are to apply the story we just read to our lives, then closing with a prayer.
This is a wonderful and simple way to encourage our children to read the Bible for themselves. To explore and learn of the Old and his wonderful plan for every one of us. It is always so fun to see my children excited about the Word of God.  As a family that finds this to be something of the utmost importance, anytime I find a resource that draws my children closer to Jesus, I have to share about it.
I have to say I was quite impressed with the resources within this one; often I am disappointed with the simplicity and lack of detail and depth in children’s Bible’s but this one was one that even I enjoyed. Especially as my son learned and came to a greater understanding of so much.

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