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What It all Means {Book Review}

My little ones are always up for a good book. If they are colorful and fun, if they rhyme and have lovely images we can sit for hours at a time and read them over and over again. And the discussions we have – I always consider a good book to be a great blessing. When I was a child, reading with my mom was a fond memory, and it is no different today. I love to read with my children.



Today though I strive to find books that are not just fun and inspiring but also gentle teachers of important Biblical truths.  So the three books I am sharing with you today; these are fun, colorful and truth filled stories for our little ones (and even not so little ones) to enjoy as we learn together.


This was definitely my daughter’s favorite book! She loves to read and to draw; rainbows and butterflies especially. I love how there are so many beautiful, simple, bright images through this story.  It not only teaches about the true meaning of the rainbow but also shows each color with a fun little rhyme. Every page is eye catching and full of things to talk about and count and thank God for. This one we read over and over again. Such a sweet story, and a needful reminder of the love God has for us all. His.  May we always remember His promises. 🙂



a-special-door  There is a way that is right. There is a way that every one of us needs to go if we hope to truly live for and with Jesus. I think we forget about the fact, sometimes, that there was only one way in (and out) of the Ark.  This is a wonderful book with amazing illustrations, showing the meaning behind that door. I love how this tells the story through simple rhymes of why we need that door. Each page has a flap and behind each flap is the story behind the image. It’s a wonderful way to walk through the Bible with your younger ones. Learn of and share the value of truth and salvation. A reminder too that our Ark today, is Christ alone. He is where can go in the storms to be safe. For He shall always make a way for us when we are willing to come.





I love the theme in all of these stories! Remarkable Rescue is another great one. I think my littlest one loved this one most of all. What a fun way to learn about different animals  as we also learn about how deeply God loves us. And every one of them too! This is a simple board book for preschool children but again, my older ones enjoyed this too. We just love to read. 🙂 While my children know quite well the story of Noah, this is always a good reminder of how God is always there. He goes before us and is with us in all seasons. We simply need to have faith. It was also a fun way to revisit the story itself. Full of fun illustrations, some so very realistic, and great rhymes that just stick in your head, it is one more story that we are so thrilled to enjoy again and again.



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