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Let the Little Children Come {Reviews}


There is nothing more important than for the Gospel to be preached. Whether young or old, there is much that we can learn when it comes to the Word of God. What better way to share and grow in the truth than using something fun like, Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack created by Let the Little Children Come. 




One thing that we have been focusing on lately in our home has been acting. Not like, acting drama acting, but acting, as in doing what we say we believe. I love the saying that “the only Bible some people will ever read is you.”  Something like that. It is a powerful reminder that what we say and what we do matters. More than we may think.



Because it is so hard to tame the tongue, I find something like this to be quite refreshing. With these little tracts we have the chance to share the Good News without even saying a word. Sometimes this is the best way to do it too. 🙂




Just a few things included in the set we received were:


My kids were quite excited about this one when it arrived. All of the materials were neatly tucked into a plastic carrying case (bonus! not one has gotten lost to date! great success) My boys loved the animated tracts; the pop up tracts were a bit hit too! Who doesn’t love pop ups? These were always some of my favorite types of books to enjoy!


The FlipAbouts were totally fun. Kind of addictive too! 😛  Once we figured them out, my oldest son especially, could sit there forever (it seemed that way anyway).  As you flip them you see a picture and the story comes together; what a unique way to remind our children (and others)of God’s great love for them.

My daughter on the other hand loved the Wordless Bracelet that we received. She is such a little crafter and she just loved taking the time to make her own bracelet.  This comes with five different colored beads, each color representing a teaching of Christ. Really neat; a great visual aid to help children remember some of the most important truths about our faith. And also a fun way to start a conversation too!


There was also the Wordless Book – I loved this – once I figured it all out. We were stumped for a bit; I admit it. Of course once we made sense of it, it was funny that we took as long as we did to figure it out. Ironically this was inspired by Charles Spurgeon (one of my favorites from the old time) back in 1866.  You should consider looking into that; pretty neat I think!



Let The Little Children Come is one of those companies that I am so pleased to have been introduced to. I love that their purpose is simply to create unique resources for children, and fun tools to use for evangelism. My children have always been eager to share the goodness of God with family and friends.  This gives them extra incentive to do so though because every one of the items designed isn’t just full of goodness but it is also full of wisdom. Seeds to be planted. Little things that we can share; simple things. But things that can make such a big difference!



“Preach The Gospel, and if Necessary, Use Words.” ~Francis of Assisi


Taste and See that the Lord is Good:






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