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Shall We Agree?

It has been a bit of a dry season in my life lately. It gets tiring feeling so tired. It gets old feeling worn. And so I have been really considering what I have been feeling myself lately.


With my younger son on a travel hockey team this year it’s been a bit of a challenge because there are many days that games interfere with church. I admit those days that I do miss a service I feel terribly guilty but I was reminded recently that nowhere in the Bible does it tell us not to go out. We need to be the church, not simply attend a church.


I find this to be a bit of a relief, a reminder that we need to be out, being the church –  and yet, there is a revival and a renewing within that comes from being amongst the body of believers and feeling so powerfully and so strongly the Lord’s presence. I purpose in my heart when I am away from the House of God, to experience that same thing, to be that church, that others see and desire.



The other day, a dear sweet sister in Christ sent me a link to a teaching which I think was just what I needed for this season of my life. So many times as I listened I heard a Word of Wisdom about how we are to pray and why we are to pray. I was reminded of what the Bible truly means when it speaks about the church. Its a challenge.




I was reminded of the importance of not just praying the Word of God but speaking it throughout the day. A reminder of His promises and of the power that is in His word.



When I wake in the morning, what is it that I think of first? Of course it’s Jesus but after time in the Bible, after I pray and after sitting at His feet – Do I move forward in submission to Him? Complete submission? Have I heard, am I in agreement, with my God?



What a difference there is between repentance and confession. Truly we cannot have one without the other. Too often so many of us repent without ever confessing. We must confess before we can ever truly repent. Godly sorrow is what brings us to a place of repentance but we first must confess – we need to speak – agreement! We cannot repent if we do not agree – What does authority say is right?





As I was reading it occurred to me that when we confess we are speaking our agreement. So we are acknowledging that what we did was wrong and we are putting ourselves in line with his word. So confession is looking back and acknowledging that what God Said is true and we agree. Repentance is looking forward and moving forward. We cannot have God’s covering clean and white, without true repentance. We need to be forgiven so that we can be covered in His righteousness.




We can at times repent without really agreeing with God. Jesus said, Go and sin no more. He gives us the power to overcome sin. But wee have to want a clean and righteous walk , He isn’t going to make anyone live for Him . It’s so important for us to not just say we are sorry but truly agree with God about what is right and what is wrong and what is sin and what is not… In one Accord.

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