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We Need to Bless This Mess!

Sometimes I forget that God has a plan and that everything that comes my way is meant to bring me closer to him.

In a time where I have been feeling especially empty I have been so very blessed by far away friends who have reached out and very clearly minister to me.

From the gentle reminders to faithfully so and trust that the fruit will come. True words spoken that remind me that all we have and all that we are, we are to bless as it’s all a gift from our Heavenly Father.   

So often I get overwhelmed by the stacks of books and the piles of paper that are strewn about our house. With four children and two dogs things can get a little chaotic. Sometimes it happens in the blink of an eye.

How do I respond? To often I am afraid I get upset and I feel stress that only I put on myself over clutter and this organization that is really just a reminder of how much our kids are learning and growing.

My husband often reminds me that our home is where we live. We do not just come here for a time each day but all that we do and all that we are happens within our little home. The mess is simply a sign of the life.

Of course kids are messy too. That’s just who they are and it’s how they learn. There are always new projects and creations and pieces of artwork… books and games and crafts sometimes finished sometimes only just begun.  

As I look around at the mess if I look at it with the right eyes I see who my children are becoming. I see how they are learning and growing inside and out. I see the blessed wisdom and the talents the Lord has given them. 

It really is something to Rejoice over because if I am totally honest our house might be a bit of a mess but it’s also full of fun. Perhaps there are some days I should put in some earplugs and toss on one of those sleeping masks to allow my children a bit more freedom.

Even though the mess causes me stress I realize there is so much freedom in it. There are so many blessings that can come from just allowing my children room to explore and create.  And when I close my eyes and really listen I hear sounds of friendship and joy. I hear brothers and sisters having fun and helping one another.

So I say today Lord bless this mess!,

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