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What We Need? 

So often when we are in these dry seasons I think we forget who we belong to. And sometimes too I think we get confused about what we need and what we want.
I say this while in that time myself. We have all kinds of colds going around this house right now and I am not ready for any of this. This is not a part of my plan. 😛
Our house is a bit of a disaster.  I have been working hard as much as I can to make it more of a place of peace. To clear out the clutter and to bring in things that are beautiful and inspiring. To strew things about that will encourage curiosity and exploration in my kids. To renew and refresh my family.


We also have an exchange student we are hosting from France. She is here to attend school and have that “American Experience”. Whatever that means. She is very lonely and feeling discontent and home sick. She is very emotional; very sweet and kind. But she needs more and if I am honest she makes me tired. I remind myself she is a child and she is a long way from home. Love her, be kind and compassionate to her.


In this mess though, she has so much that she needs. Or at least that she thinks she needs. Which reminds me of how important it is for us to practice being content where we are. With what we have. At all times. We cannot have God’s peace if we are always chasing after something else.

She’s been learning about God. I always forget how different so much of the world is. A reminder that we need to appreciate the freedom we have to worship and to serve our God. In Spirit and in truth; so much liberty!


In these times when we are tired, discontent and restless we don’t need to follow our heart but we need to follow that still small voice. We need to press in to our God all the more harder than before. I read the other day, no man can truly serve God who does not follow after him hard.


Being under the weather I admit my time at His feet has not been what it should be. And yet I wonder if it’s just what I need. To sit at his feet without saying a word.  I sat silent this morning I heard that still small, voice reminding me of all those times I said that I love Him, I have said I will do whatever it takes; whatever he calls me to do.  Do I really mean it?


We are willing so long as it doesn’t make us uncomfortable or put us out. If His plan doesn’t interfere with our own, we are happy to oblige.  But what happened to “If you love me you will keep my commands?”


it’s a stinging reminder that too often those things He calls us to and those people He puts in our path, we see as interruptions and not as opportunities. We don’t see the blessing, only the burden.  Yet His word tells us that those who love Him “Keep His commands and they are not burdensome.”


I am so guilty of wanting to have everything nicely organized. I like things neat and tidy. I like conversations to be short and to the point. Nothing too emotional, no dramatics. Just simple.


it is such a good thing that I am not God! Yet what beautiful things I can learn from Him if I would just slow down and hear. If I would simply be willing to be uncomfortable now and then. The glory of God is revealed when we and all of our weaknesses lean in and obey the Word of God no matter what it takes or how we feel.

Oh how I love my Lord and how I need to trust Him even more.

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