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Keeping Me Humble

Lately our days have been going well.  Really well.  Perhaps I forget that life isn’t always so “perfect” and that that’s why after we had so many good it is we tend to “crash” .  
I like to think of it as God keeping me humble.

My oldest son is 12 and stubborn and rebellious as of late. He doesn’t like to work and he has no interest in reading or writing.  I’m told it’s a stage they go through. And I tend to lament over it instead of focusing on those times when he is creating and learning.
The mirror my younger three. One struggling learner and one learning how to read. Why was very eager and curious and the other just so busy and active but she struggles to focus for long periods of time. Of course she’s six, busy singing and dancing and having tea parties with her baby sister.

We have these periods of time where everything goes so well. My oldest is eager to work and my other three want to read and write all day long. I start to think that I’ve got this.  I get comfortable and confident.

Then everyone gets sick (or something) and as the nasty stuff sweeps through our house things get tense. Not enough sleep. We all get just a bit crabby from being under the weather. I have less patience and they do too.

I tell you this is how God keeps me humble.

And sometimes I know that he’s telling me will need to slow down and rest of it. We need to take a break and just do some things together for fun. Letting the learning naturally happen.

Other times I’m kind of stupid. Instead of counting the time of rest as a blessing I see it as more of a curse. I become restless and I start to worry.  
I did that today. After we have all been sick for almost two weeks and any kind of work has been minimal at best I looked under house and became overwhelmed with the mess. A mess that I have determined to count as a blessing.

As I was sitting here wondering how I so often windup in this situation Samson. So much trouble for someone so anointed.  Again and again he was bound not by God but by himself. By his perspective and his focus. He was in captivity even before he went into captivity.  So many times we bring it home to Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he shook himself and received power. 

We can accept the cords that bind us or we can shake ourselves. We can turn to God in those moments when things seem impossible or when we feel like we have failed yet again. We can have his strength and his power in our lives but we have to turn to him. We cannot do things on our own. I’m so today I shake myself of all of this that His power and His anointing can return and rest upon myself and my family. 

While I  certainly prefer to have fewer days that showcase our mess I’m so very grateful that I know the God who can transform my mess into a thing of power. A transforming testimony.  

My mess, His masterpiece! 

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