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Thin Stix Creativity Pack {Review}

There is nothing that I love more than watching my kids get creative. Even my littlest one, who is two, loves to get involved and make art! Of course, I am the first to admit, I really dread the mess that can come from a day full of this kind of fun! I simply cannot stop by kids from making a mess, the imagination and vision that they have when they are working hard is so worth it. And with The Pencil Grip, Inc. company’s 24 color Think Stix Creativity Pack the mess really is, a lot less.Now that is a real blessing!




We received 24 Thin Stix in the pack we were given for this review. There were 12 classic colors, 6 neon and 5 metalix. (super sparkles says my daughter!) Look at all these colors! So many bright and beautiful colors to choose from! These are great to use on everything! These dry super fast and the size is perfect for little hands especially but my oldest son really enjoys these two. And he gets really creative so he has use these on canvas and cardboard and regular paper even. Everyone’s the pictures my children have used these with have been beautiful and I’m not just saying that.



So many different pinks to choose from! We can use them all. Some sparkle and some are really bright all of the pinks are lovely says my little princess.

Metallic pink, neon pink … Pink is SO fun!




You use this just like you would use a crayon or marker but there a lot neither. They dry faster and if you ask me the colors are just so much better! Plus because of the size these are so much easier to use for whatever creation you are working on. You can go really light or you can go really dark. Either way there’s no mess and it dries fast with vibrant color!




The only thing we have found that we cannot really use these on are those little plaster figurines and decorations. But we have all found it so impressive how easily these work on just about every other material we enjoy using. And again, no mess! What little mess there is wipes up super easy. I cannot say enough how much we just love these. There are few things I find that I feel we must keep on hand at all times; thin six are one of those things.




There are so many fun things we have planned for these! Since my kids are so very crafty (and I am so not crafty) we spent quite a bit of time searching out different projects that can be made with these. After we hit the craft store there are plans to use these to paint and build a viking ship, a log cabin and maybe we can even use these to do some seasonal decorating. Snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer and more! We are sure to have so much fun making things bright and colorful around here! What fun creations are being designed in your home? I bet they would love even more fun with Thin Stix.


Get to know The Pencil Grip Here: 

Twitter: @thepencilgrip

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