When People Suck

My younger son, said to me the other day “People really suck.”

This was shortly after we had quite a fiasco in our home thanks to an exchange student we were hosting.
After the whole situation have been brought out into the open and the light was shed on everything I admit it was very hard for me to say anything in response to my son’s comment. My only retort at the time was that Jesus doesn’t and we need to love them anyway.


It’s hard to remember sometimes that while the good news is such good news to us not everyone we share it with will feel the same way. And sometimes the more we share the less others want to hear.
The message that we are to go and share is a beautiful message. It’s a message of light and truth and freedom. But to those who are comfortable right where they are it is a message that leaves them only feeling angry and guilty.  They do not feel love and concern but condemnation and judgement.



And it’s easy for us to forget when they lash out at us for telling them the truth… it is so easy to forget that we were once the wretch that they are. We were once just as unworthy as they are now. We are not God. It is not for us to say who is deserving or who is Worthy.


It is a reminder as well that Jesus clearly tells us that there are those who will hear and yet will not really hear. There are those who will be so excited and so in love with God and His presence but then fall away when they learn that there will be choices and sacrifices… they will see the things that they cannot have and remain blind to those things that God has for them.


We can show others the way but we cannot make them walk in it. I admit that I do not always respond as I should especially to those who mock or persecute my Lord. It is hard to remember that God does not need me to defend him. He fights for us if we can only be still.

I remind myself often of how He walked alone in the very end. How so many that called Him friend turned away. It isn’t easy to continue to follow Him when it seems that everyone is turning against you.


That is when God comforts us and gives us peace. He reminds us of how we are to rejoice in these times because this is what draws us nearer to Him and what makes us more and more like Him. And isn’t that the goal?


It isn’t to say that we enjoy being hated and mocked and rejected for what we believe and the truth that we speak but it’s certainly good to remember that it’s going to be worth it all one day. I would even say, it’s worth it today.



Even if people sometimes suck, can’t we love them anyways? Just as He loves us always.! Isn’t it good to know that our God is so long suffering and loving and merciful? It is always a comfort to know that yesterday, today, and tomorrow He will always be the same.  I daily pray that I can simply be as faithful to Him as He is to me.
Speak Lord for your servant hears. 💞

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