Book Review

Sometimes I Hide

We all hide from them now and then don’t we? When you are an un-Mom, I guess you hide more often than those “other” moms! haha


I have to admit that sometimes I think I hide more from them than most do. But I was so happy to have the chance to review this book. Since I admit, I have always been horrified by the idea of playdates and craft times at the local library … I tend to hide when I know there is a required sign up for child care at events (even church) and I am certain that there are quite a few folks out there who pray for my kids and consider me a “train wreck”. ūüėõ


There was something reassuring about opening the pages to read another mama words that I think could have been my own. She says that God in all his wisdom and humor had a plan. I totally get that.  So often as I read this book I had to smile and nod. Got quite a few good laughs in there as well~


The prologue alone was such a relief to read. Words that comforted me. Because I didn’t feel so alone anymore. Some of these thoughts that I have…. And her list that helps you know for sure, if you really are an un-mom or not….. I’m not the only one!


It is so reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who finds pretend play boring and really struggles with the image that most have of what it means to be a mom. That’s super gentle and loving and nurturing Mama? It’s just not me! The idea of entertaining my children horrifies me. I try to play with them, I really do, but my mind quickly wanders. My kids long ago realized that their mom loves them very much but just isn’t cut out for some of these momma tasks that their friends mommas do so eagerly.


Her super funny honesty so often made me laugh out loud.¬†There was just so much I could relate to. Because I was never that Mom who planned to have a big family. I was never that mom who dreamed about getting married when I was a child. Certainly I enjoyed kids, I worked with them for the majority of my professional life, they were other people’s kids though. I was always the first to say “no way, not me.” ¬†With plans to travel the world, have exotic adventures and live in a nice little home similar to that of the hobbit, kids just did not fit in. And I was not going to pretend that they would.


God knows better though right? How would I ever learn of Him, and lean on Him if it weren’t for these little ones I am so blessed to have?


This book is all about “finding grace and laughter when motherhood gets real.” ¬†



Is there ever a time it isn’t real? No matter how much we may struggle with loving being a mom, certainly we can agree that we love our¬†kids more. In these pages are so many reminders and examples of how beautiful, ridiculous and messy,motherhood really is. ¬†And inspiration to remember and love it for we are truly blessed beyond measure.


Let us delight in being the mother we were created to be. In all of our imperfect, forgetting this and that, just leaning on God and trusting Him to get our kids (and us) through this adventure alive. And a bit more like Him.


You can purchase your own copy of Hiding From My Kids In My Prayer Closet here. 

***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of Liftuse Publicity Group, for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own and I have not been compensated in any other manner***



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