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Because of Unbelief

I have been struggling lately a lot with my oldest son. It seems that he has developed some very bad habits. Which we either did not see or chose to ignore? Either one makes me sad and feeling a bit desperate.


Not too long ago I had a wonderful conversation with a couple folks in regards to deschooling and unschooling my oldest son specifically. I was really inspired and so excited because I truly believed and I still do that this it’s the perfect place for him. At least for right now it is where he belongs.


Zeal is a good thing right?


We dove right in. We put away all those curriculums and we relaxed on a lot of things. For a little while anyway. And then I kind of freaked out.


As I saw how drawn all of my children were to the television and tablets during their free time I began to panic. As they spent more and more time choosing those things I kind of lost it. And I quit.



When the going got tough I kind of ran away. Instead of seeing where it all LED I guess I expected instant results.


I think I am guilty of losing myself in my vision. You see, I have these visions of putting away the curriculum and my children choosing books and sitting at the table painting and drawing…maybe going outside to build with their tools or carve…feed the birds….but that isn’t what happened at all.



I was actually pondering what exactly to do this morning. I was reading about the importance of faith. How powerful it can be and how powerful a lack of belief can be.


I mean I really started to wonder. We found this and we spoke with others of like faith who are doing this and seeing God working in their homes and in their children. I had so much confirmation that this was a good path yet I lacked the faith to walk it. Lord help my unbelief!



It is so easy to fall into fear but perfect love casts out fear. Especially when we are walking in a place where we have so much freedom.  It can be scary but I love how Thomas Jefferson said “I would rather have dangerous freedom than comfortable slavery.”



With right now being the season that it is it’s so easy to take a break and step away from it all. To give all of us a little room to breathe; time to relax.



I was reminded by a friend that what I see as lazy is not always the case. Perhaps there is something going on deeper, some inspiration and creative spirit coming alive within that I just cannot see yet.



I strive to remember God uses all things for good. If we are patient we will see beautiful things. I pray for the Lord to increase my faith.<3

10 thoughts on “Because of Unbelief”

  1. It can be so hard at time stop let go of our ideas and see what God has in mind. Sometimes we step completely away, and sometimes we set parameters for our kids to work within. Praying you find the right balance.

  2. We all need God’s help to strengthen our faith, especially when things aren’t going as we expected and we think we’re doing the right thing. Praying that your faith is encouraged and strengthened.

  3. I pray that our teen steps away from the technology. I know we have these ideas that he will choose to read or draw on his own. Nope. It is a tough battle and my husband and I keep pointing him in the direction we want him to go in with God’s help. It is so difficult being a parent.

    1. Oh I know! My oldest can spend all day every day on these. I was thinking this morning; he doesn’t have that wonder like he used to … Need to get back that wonder filled boy.

  4. Fear not the technology, but rather teach and encourage balance in life. Tech can be creative expression, a helpful tool, or a time suck. Perhaps questions need to be asked of yourself and your youngsters. Parenting is such a difficult job.

    1. I guess I struggle with helping them to have those healthy boundaries. I have never been a screen person; I use it as I need to, but I prefer not being in front of one – My boys on the other hand cannot get enough. LOL I suppose their “need” for the screen is what I need to find an answer to … 😛

      1. I know that when this was an issue with my lad I needed to teach him what balance was: no schooling complaints, willingness to do his chores, to be creative OFF line, to read, to play outside (or work outside) and so forth. I need to see the balance OR I will find a way to impose it. So he talks to me and we talk back and it works. It took some fine tuning and LOTS of questions and discussion, but we have a balance. He likes noise around him, it helps him focus (his dad is the same way…the TV IS ALWAYS on)… guess how much I crave silence eh? 🙂

      2. He sounds so much like my son and your husband sounds so much like mine! There is definitely a balance that I am trying to train my oldest son to have. I absolutely agree but there needs to be a lot of discussion. Of course my oldest is very internal right now so conversation is tough. Trying to remember to ask lots of questions that require more than just a one syllable answer. I absolutely adore silence. I actually I’m getting a little bit right now for him. Praise God

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